Adult Circumcision Stories -
Uncircumcised Men Have Their Say

The problems experienced by men who are uncircumcised, but who clearly resent their status, are illustrated by the accounts below. Their experience is different yet again, and some might think tragic. If only their parents had made a different decision! Many of these men, by opening up with their problems over the internet, may then take the necessary steps do get circumcised.

Foreskin woes of an uncircumcised young man

When I was 5 or 6 years old, I wanted privacy and was washing myself. I got a bad yeast infection, which is called balanitis. My mother had to take over washing me and treating the infection. It was embarrassing having her washing me and treating me for the infection. And balanitis is very painful...there are tons of nerves in the head of the penis all inflamed with a rash. I've since learned there is nothing unique or abnormal about uncircumcised getting this kind of infections. People against circumcision talk about how cruel it is, but I believe circumcision is a lot less painful than an infected penis, which is very common in uncircumcised boys. Circumcision is an incision under the head of the penis, left untreated it heals quickly on its own and is only sensitive for a few days. A foreskin infection also inflames the head of the penis and all the nerves there, left untreated it worsens and becomes more painful, not better. Penile infections in uncircumcised boys are very common and under-reported. It gets treated and parents often don't think much of it. From parents I've talked to, and the posts I've read, uncircumcised boys getting a least a couple infections is normal and no big deal. Except that those infections would have been prevented had they been circumcised. Also, UTIs are common in uncircumcised boys and are very dangerous for them.

As a young teen I caught my foreskin in the zipper once, and I was lucky to be able to get that out myself. It was very painful. Since then I have read that a foreskin getting caught in zippers and in the mesh of bathing suits are real concerns for uncircumcised males, and often those injuries require circumcision.

Especially as a young teen, I tried to avoid baths and showers. I think lots of young teen and teen boys do this. For the women in the group, an uncircumcised penis is not like a vagina, it is not self-cleaning. When I would pull back the skin to wash, the head, my penis would smell fishy, and smegma, a cottage cheese like gunk, builds up all over the glans. I had at least one of two yeast infections as a teen. I was too embarrassed to go to my mother about it. But I found I could use Kleenex and wrap it around just behind the head of my penis. That would hold the foreskin back and keep the head exposed. Keeping the head exposed allowed it to air out and dry out, and would get rid of the infection.

Since then I have practiced really good hygiene. But in my early 20s I had a girlfriend who complained about how I smelled. Even washing really well right out of the bath, or shower, I would have a fishy smell. I thought that was normal. But it’s like bacterial vaginosis. She went to the doctor and got enough antibiotic cream to treat both of us. I've never had any issues with it since.

I've always been careful to practice safe sex. But I have had condoms break and I have had condoms slip off. It is usually not a problem, but I don't think condoms 'fit' as well when men are uncircumcised. Once when I had a condom break on me, I did get an STD, very embarrassing, but easily treated. I think its BS when intactivist say why not just teach boys safe sex. I absolutely agree with teaching people safe sex, but with raging hormones and drinking, sometimes condoms aren't there or are forgotten, and condoms can break, things can go wrong...accidents happen, and knowing how dangerous some of the STDs are out there, why wouldn't you also circumcise to give your son that added protection?! Also, being uncircumcised will allow other infections like yeast infections and the male equivalent of bacterial vaginosis to act like STIs. I've gotten yeast infections from a partner before and realized that the only way to get rid of it was to both be treated at the same time. A foreskin creates the perfect environment for bacteria and yeast to thrive, and for viruses to hide out. Circumcision completely removes that environment.

Right now, I maintain good hygiene, I am in a monogamous long-term relationship. We are both happy and healthy, and enjoy each other. But even going camping or something like that where I can't wash as often as I’d like, being uncircumcised bothers me. I don't like the fact that it gets gunky and smelly under there. The extra skin isn't causing me any issues...or at least not enough, to take the time and money and get it fixed. But it is a fact that a circumcised penis will stay much cleaner than an uncircumcised penis.

I used to really be against circumcision as a teen and young adult. But I like to dig out the facts, and the debate the intactivists have created made me very curious about what they had to say. I found intactivist comments and arguments and "facts" are not supported by science. In fact, the science says the opposite. That is why the AAP, the CDC, the WHO, and UNAIDS all recommend circumcision. The science shows that 1) circumcision is incredibly safe...far safer than vaccinating your child. 2) circumcision is now done painlessly on newborn boys. 3) circumcision does not reduce male sexual pleasure and is positively correlated with LESS sexual dysfunction. 4) the benefits of male circumcision include (but not limited to) significantly reducing the risk of: yeast and bacterial infections, UTIs, prostate, cervical, and penile cancer, STIs including HIV, and prevents common problems caused by the foreskin being too tight.

I've come to realize this is not a choice that any man wants to have to make when he is older. When someone chooses not to circumcise, they are making just as much of a permanent choice as when someone chooses to circumcise. There are a lot of health benefits from newborn circumcision that males miss out on by waiting until they are older to be circumcised. Circumcising adults costs much more ($2k to $5k vs. $100 to $500), is much more dangerous (risk of complications 3% vs 0.2%), not as beneficial as infant circumcision (by waiting, a lot of childhood infections can occur), takes much longer to fully heal (1 to 2 months vs. 4 days to 2 weeks), and doesn't heal as well, potentially leaving scarring and nerve damage that would otherwise fully regenerate for an infant.

Intactivists try to claim that circumcision harms males sexually. This isn't the case at all. The vast majority of the sexual nerves in the penis are in the head of the penis and just underneath. They are not harmed at all during circumcision. The foreskin that is removed is not sexually sensitive. It is like the shaft skin on the penis and has the same kind of nerves as your elbow. The only difference is that the foreskin is thinner and tears more easily.

I know that this is not something people think about when having a son, but I also think of circumcision as a sexual enhancement. There are numerous studies that show that women tend to prefer a circumcised partner. Being clean is very important for sexual relationships and circumcision helps men a lot with that. It really is a significant hygiene bonus for men, and women report being much more comfortable and enjoying oral sex much more when a man is circumcised. Circumcised is a bonus for spontaneous sex, you don't have to try and plan around when your guy is coming out of a shower. I think you would find that most men would prefer to get that extra attention than having extra skin. Apart from hygiene, women often report that they prefer the look of a circumcised penis, that they can feel a circumcised penis more, and that it feels harder. Men circumcised as adults usually report a slight sexual improvement or no change. Circumcised men report slightly better self-control during sex, which is a bonus for the man and his partner.

It’s sad to see this, but I've also found that when uncircumcised boys get infections, it’s the parents that are always being blamed for it. If the parent was cleaning the penis, intactivists will accuse the parent of introducing the infections by pulling the foreskin back. If the boy got an infection because his parents weren't cleaning him, then it’s their fault because they didn't keep him clean. What they really need to understand, when a boy is getting foreskin infections, it is probably not anything the parent is doing is that they should have circumcised him at birth. An uncircumcised penis is always going to be much more susceptible to infection. The foreskin is a pouch of skin that traps urine, smegma, lint and other is not surprising that foreskins cause infections.

Male infant circumcision is incredibly valuable, useful, and safe. I've seen the videos, most of the procedure time is just the prep, numbing the baby to make it painless and making everything safe and sterile. The actual circumcision is often done in less than a minute. A one-minute “snip” at birth keeps a man's penis clean, and healthy for the rest of his life, and heals within a few days to a week. How can any thinking person be against that!?

I've gone from thinking this should be a man's choice when he is older to feeling that all boys should be circumcised. Even though I feel like I wish that I had been circumcised, and that boys should be circumcised, I have never tried to change someone's mind. I believe, like with vaccinating and breast feeding, it should be the parent's choice. What I would like to see is that: 1) expectant parents are given a fact sheet that lists the benefits of circumcision and the current medical recommendation and 2) that circumcision should be offered free for all baby boys. For anyone who wants to circumcise it should be free and easily available. All infant circumcisions should be offered freely to parents because there are now numerous studies that show that circumcising newborns saves far more in medical expenses from the cost of treating the diseases it helps prevent, compared to the minor expense of the procedure. Other than that, like they say, you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink.

I personally believe there would be value in freely offering this procedure to all males regardless of their age to encourage its acceptability. I admire parents who have chosen to help protect their sons by circumcising them.

Sensitive penis

"I have a problem with my penis. It is very sensitive to an extent that I can't enjoy having sex. Oral sex for me is no way. Even my partner she cannot hold it in her hands. Once I retract the foreskin I can't touch it. I can't lay it or rub it against her body ... a lot of pain to do that. According to your documents presented on the web I understood that there is a lot of benefit from circumcision. But you did not tackle the problem when the penis is too sensitive. Can circumcision solve my problem. Appreciate your reply and waiting eagerly."

Man in USA with phimosis

"I have a question for you. I've been reading [a] book for one of my classes and I ran across the word phimosis. I think I might have it but am not sure. [The foreskin] of my penis is just unretractable when I have an erection. What do you suggest I do? Do you happen to know the price of an adult male circumcision. I'm 20 years old and have had only one sexual partner. It wasn't that great because I couldn't stick it all the way in because it hurt. I'm sorry for asking these questions but I am embarrassed to ask somebody I know. Please answer me."

Phimosis problem

"I am 43 years old and in the last 5 years my foreskin has shrunk to the point that it cannot be retracted even if I don't have an erection. It is causing problems during intercourse and I recently had an infection. Is this common? I had no problems for 38 years. What would you recommend? Can my foreskin be repaired without circumcision. I look forward to your reply."
Girlfriends don't like my uncircumcised look
"I am 21 years old and have been thinking about getting "cut". I noticed that all my girlfriends do not like uncircumcised penises. How would I get this procedure? Would I have to get stitches? Will I get scared? Please write me."

Tears and inflammation

"I read your report about circumcision. I'm not circumcized, and have had some small cuts and red spots caused by irritation by sex or foreskin. Urologist prescribes an antifungal cream that works in removing the above symptoms.

I'm not interested in a circumcision (I should be after reading your article), but am interested in what penile cleanliness really is. Would you explain to me if it's more than pulling back the foreskin and washing with soap & water? Also would oatmeal baths, apple cider vinegar baths, etc help prevent or kill fungus? Would keeping the foreskin pulled back and exposed to air at night allow the glans to air out and function like a circumcized penis? Looking forward to your response."

Indian student in Sydney "I read your article on the pros and cons of circumcision. I am a 26 year old student at The University of Sydney. When I urinate I have a very slow stream. Also when I have an orgasm the semen is held at the tip of my penis, then it slowly oozes out.

Even when I urinate the urine is initially tanked at the tip of my penis, and the tip of my penis balloons up, then when enough pressure is created I start to urinate. I talked to my doctor and he reckons that I have a tight foreskin and that circumcision would solve the problem.

But I am a bit reluctant to have a circumcision done, because for one I don't know whether that will solve the problem. Also I am worried about losing sensation and that I might not enjoy sex as much.

I hope you can help me in making a decision on this problem. Is there a chance of me having other problems such as prostate enlargement? A blood test done showed that I don't have a prostate cancer, but indicates that my liver function was not excellent, thus I plan to cut down on my alcohol."


"I read with interest the article re the pros for circumcision. Even though I was not circumcized, I never encountered any of the health problems identified with non-circumcision. However, much later in life, as an adult, I got some type of infection between the foreskin and glans that was never diagnosed nor very effectively treated. In any event, it itched constantly and I only succeeded in bruising and chaffing my penis from frequent scratching. Treatment, using prescribed creams, did reduce the areas I'd rubbed raw.

The urologist then performed what he called a preputial incision. As near as I can tell, he removed about 1/4" of the frenulum and then sewed the remaining intact frenulum onto the underside of the penis. The result was, the foreskin could be kept retracted from the glans for a good 30-45 minutes at a time allowing for air to perform its drying action. That was some 15+ years ago. Since then, I've had no recurrence of whatever I'd contracted, or anything else. So I think I got the best of both worlds.

It works like a circumcision, and when the foreskin is retracted, it looks like a circumcized penis. When the foreskin is covering the glans (although my foreskin has never fully covered the glans, only about 2/3 to 3/4 of it), it looks like an intact penis. The procedure took about 45-60 minutes.

There were about 8 stitches used to sew the frenulum onto the penis. It took about 8-10 days for those to heal and the stitches to come out. Until they did, it was a bit uncomfortable, whenever I started getting an erection as my bladder filled. I've read with interest both sides of the issue, and it seems that a preputial incision might be a viable middle ground."

Doctor won't do it

"I am 26 and I recently went to a urologist for a growth in the urinary tract. I found out I need surgery under general anaesthesia. I figured while this was being done it would be a perfect time to be circumcised, since I have wanted to do it since I can remember.

I have researched this for a while and am prepared. It took that growth to get me to go to the doctor because I was so embarrassed about it. I asked the doctor to do it and he strongly advised me against it. I tried to tell him I wanted it done because I was uncomfortable with it and do not like it. He told me it was not a good enough reason and refused to do it. I didn't want to argue with him (especially since he's doing the surgery) and out of respect. I didn't know what to do.

I still want it done. Should I call him back and try to convince him or ask him to refer me to someone who is willing? I don't know what to do. I don't want to go from doctor to doctor for something like this out of embarrassment and money. What do you think I should do?"

Tight foreskin

"I am a little worried about my penis and hope this letter does not cause any problems because I only seek advice. I am 16 years old and recently noticed that my penis is a strange shape. The helmet is a lot larger than the shaft. I used to masturbate regularly and had no problems, but now my foreskin is occasionally tight. I have little experience involving sex and wonder if this tightness is due to inexperience.

I have never pulled the foreskin back when masturbating because I've always tended to do it lower down the penis. Even though I have this problem, it doesn't always happen and wonder if it is through lack of experience (I have never needed to properly use my penis yet). I consult you as I fear doctors and wonder if it's nothing to worry about.

If you could reply to this with your sincere views I would be most grateful. Please write back as soon as possible as this problem will be worrying me until I sort it out."

From a married male model

"First off, I thoroughly enjoyed your research page on circumcision and found it most informative! I am a 35 year old married male. I am not currently circumcised and my wife and I are finding some complications in intercourse and reaching orgasms. I feel that this is due to my foreskin and loose skin on the shaft.

We both have had extensive evaluations regarding the intercourse situation and no local physician seems to understand. We have had two diagnosis that it is psychological (which I doubt!). I am also a professional model who travels a good deal and in this type of career I model a lot in underwear and swimwear. I have an ever-persistent issue of dealing with the bacterial odor that comes from the moist under layer of the foreskin.

This is very noticeable to me, but my wife rarely notices it; however, it plays on my mind whether other people do. In my modelling, being in underwear and such, it is a struggle to keep my mind focused on what I am doing. I have gone to the most extreme measures such as the use of feminine deodorants. However, these tend to irritate the head and sensitive lining under the foreskin.

Personally, I think the circumcised penis is not as repelling as the un-. In my career, I have to change and spend a good deal of time exposed to other guys and I feel somewhat self-conscious. While considering circumcision, I am most concerned with the post-surgical trauma such as swelling, pain, possible tears during an erection, and the temporary maintenance of sterility of the dressing.

I am a person of total hygiene awareness (even though I can't spell to any amount) from bathing once to twice a day, to washing my hands about every 15-20 minutes. I drive my wife crazy, run the water bill up 75 per cent, and make others, who are not familiar with me, think I'm one of those people with a mental disorder over cleanliness. (Maybe I am?) I know that you're a very busy man and I really appreciate your part in the medical field! If you have time and can bounce a few things back at me to think about or consider, I would really appreciate it!"

Afro-American from "the South"

"I've just read your article on circumcision and found, for the first time, an article that was without bias. I am an Afro-American male with two sons, all of us are uncircumcised. This summer when school finishes in June, we all will undergo circumcision. This is something my wife and I had wanted to do for the boys, but because of economical considerations didn't.

My mother and father never knew what a circumcision was. For all their lives in rural Mississippi, blacks very seldom circumcised. As for me, I"ve secretly wanted one ever since I saw it on a white man while in the military. Now I am going to do it. Scared --- yes, but it is something that should have been done 50 years ago." Hindu man wants to get circumcised because of problems "Your website has pretty much given me a great understanding on circumcision.

Thank you for providing this great information, that at times can be very difficult to discuss with others. Being born Hindu, I have not been circumcised and have decided to do so due to various reasons. Firstly, I had some difficulties in urinating (13"14 years old), and after retracting my foreskin I have managed to urinate much easily.

I didn't have much sex when I was a teenager and now 10 years later I"m finding that my penis hurts when I get a strong erection. It is affecting my sex life. I was wondering where or whom should I be in contact with. I don't have a GP. Do I need a GP for the surgery and how much do they cost? I"m hoping that you'd provide me with some information and other details that I should be aware of before deciding."

Indian man who can't retract foreskin

"I am also facing the problem, which you have mentioned about uncircumcized males. I am a male , 29 year of age. Let me tell you my problem.

1. It is difficult to move my foreskin backward and it is painful.

2. With great difficulty I move my foreskin from above, but I have noticed that my foreskin is attached to the head at the bottom of my penis.

3. Therefore, my foreskin is not completely moved from all sides and it is very painful.

4. Even in this condition, I feel the head of my penis to be very heavy (i.e., after I move my foreskin with great effort).

5. After I masturbate (I masturbate with my foreskin not moved backward), then it is easy for me to move my foreskin backwards, but as I said earlier, I can feel the skin is attached at the bottom part."

Turkish girlfriend wants circ for man with a lot of foreskin

"I read your article on circumcision and found it very interesting. I'm a 28 year old male and had never been circumcised. My girlfriend is Turkish and also a muslim and she wants me to be circumcised.

As I never think about things like this I'm worried about having it done ... My main worry is that I have a lot of foreskin, and so much that it completely covers the head of my penis ... Will that be a problem? I know nothing about circumcision or the way it is performed, so I'm asking you for medical advice, as you seem to be an expert in this subject. I would be grateful if you have time to reply to my mail."

Australian man with phimosis

" I have just been looking at your article on the www about circumcision. I didn't read it all, as some of it related to babies etc. Well now for my problem. ... I am male, 47, and have phimosis. My foreskin hasn't been retracted for years and there is no way now that it will. Any questions you wish to ask me? Yes I am considering circumcision ... Do I go to see a doctor? If I get circumcised what is the procedure? Is it done with me being asleep?"

Phimosis and also girlfriend wants it done

"I have a few questions about circumcision. My girlfriend says I should get circumcised because I will last longer sexually and the foreskin is preventing my penis from getting larger because the skin will not go over the head. I have been considering it before her because this isn't the first time this has happened. Sometimes my penis hurts because the skin will not retract when erect. It goes to a certain point and begins to hurt sometimes.

What I wanted to know is where can I go to have it done, who can I contact, and how much does it cost? In addition, how long will I be out of work if I choose to have it done? Is it true that the penis does get longer and you feel more sexually by having this procedure done?"

Problems with painful frenulum

"I am searching for multiple answers to some questions prior to my upcoming circumcision at 50+ years. Is the frenulum cut away where it is attached between the slit of the glans, the attachment of the foreskin, and then the ligament cut out? No-one ever has ever said and my doctor says don't be concerned."

Message 2:

"A repeat call if you wish. I would like to ask you, if during the circumcision when I have the frenulum completely removed, would the doctor make a subincision to widen the meatus, if I wanted this? Is this a dumb question to ask?

I already have had my glans underside half slit from an emergency room catherization procedure and it would be nice to complete the under slit to the base. I need to have the frenulum removed because it is actually a source of pain, having been stretched and torn over the years. It interferes with sexual pleasure." German man with foreskin adhesions "Thanks for engagement in favour of neonatal circumcision.

In Germany it is still very uncommon to circumcise boys without the indication of phimosis. Only ten per cent of my classmates were circumcised without having phimosis. Altogether there were possibly 20% without a prepuce. I myself am not circumcised yet, but plan to become circumcised when I start studying in the USA. My doctors preferred to resolve the adhesions I have had many times, they started when I was one year old and continued until I was nine.

The procedure was always very painful and in the end I would have preferred that they had never done this to my penis, but had circumcised me early. Later when I showered after school sports I have always seen a 2/3rds majority of boys that didn't wash their glans and refused to draw back their prepuce.

When I was 14 I met a 12 year old boy after tennis who had a shower with me. He also didn't wash his penis and I asked him why he didn't draw back his foreskin. He then showed me his phimosis and asked me to examine his foreskin, to see if it was really too tight. I told him that he should be immediately circumcised, but he was very afraid of the operation. Later he followed my advice and he is very happy now, because he had such a small opening of the prepuce that you could not see the top of his glans.

The same picture which I have seen at the sports club, I experienced later in the army where only 20% of the 80% of uncircumcised boys washed their glans regularly. Some of them where just ashamed to draw back their prepuce in public, but this meant they would have to wait for a whole week before being able to have a shower at home.

The majority of those who didn't wash their penis properly where never informed by their parents or by any doctor about the hygienic need of this procedure. On the other hand, those who washed properly also used to draw back the prepuce in the toilet, which I have also done since I was ten. I am still wondering why in our country the great majority of parents is not aware of the importance of proper care under the foreskin and of the early circumcision of their boys, to stop them suffering from phimosis.

Many of the boys in the army still had phimosis or a tight foreskin, which I have seen when the doctor of the medical service in which I have been working examined their penis and the foreskin when they visited our examination room. This I think is really shocking. For this reason I really support the routine neonatal circumcision of all boys.

This includes preventing the psychological difficulties faced by those who are circumcised because of phimosis and who are often slandered in schools. Finally I have still a question. When I want to become circumcised in the USA what will I have to pay in a usual hospital. Which method of circumcision would you recommend to a 20 year old student? Thanks for your attention and support"

Too tight

"Other than for cosmetic reasons, I find it very difficult to keep my foreskin pulled back during erection (it becomes too tight). Is this a physical condition worth getting circumcised for?"

Indian man with tight foreskin living in California

"Thank you for the article "medical benefits from circumcision". I had a question. Is circumcision possible or recommended for a 40 year old? I'm nearly 40 years and have a tight foreskin. Unfortunately until few years back I did not even know that it was a physical problem in me.

As you have rightly pointed out "despite having problems with this part of their anatomy, many will suffer in silence rather than seek medical advice or treatment", I belong to this category and haven't approached any doctor even after coming to know about this problem. After reading this article, I've pushed aside all the factors (shame, fear, frustration for getting proper sex education at the right age, etc, etc. ) that were preventing me from seeing a doctor and have decided to get circumcised. I need clarifications from you regarding:

1. Is circumcision possible at this age? Is it risky to have circumcision at this age?

2. If not, are there alternatives for the tight foreskin problem?

3. Can this surgery be done with local anesthesia or do I have to bear the pain?

Please help me. I would really appreciate it. I currently reside in California, U.S.A and I'm from India."

Is it healthy to be circumcised?

"Could you please tell me if it is healthy for me to have circumcision? What are the possible side effects and drawbacks? How long will the pain last? Can I have it done with anesthesia?

What precautions should I take? I am 25. I am sorry if you are not the right person to ask, I just found your web paper quite insightful. I would appreciate if you could direct me to some sincere circumcision links on the Internet."

Welshman wants to get circ'd because of long foreskin and hygiene problems

"Hi - I wish to be circumcised. I have a long foreskin and have to wash my penis regularly (at least every day - or even twice a day) because of the accompanying hygiene problems. I also have a tight frenulum which pulls the head of my penis downward when fully erect (but only slightly).

I have torn it once during intercourse some years ago, although the problem has never re-occurred. My sex life is not too good as a result of remembering this incident (I am careful about not pushing my penis too hard because there is a good chance it may happen again). I have seen my doctor a number of times and he has physically examined me. Although he showed some concern about me tearing the skin under the head of my penis, he stated that my penis was normal and that I should bathe regularly.

There is no way that I am going to justify to my doctor having this procedure done on the NHS. How would I go about having it done privately and could you advise me of the approximate cost? I am 25 years old and live in South Wales. I would also like to ask further questions about the surgical procedure and any problems soon after, but do not wish to take up too much of your time."

"I had read you home page about circumcision and it has answered a lot of questions I had about this matter. However, I still have other doubts, and I would be glad if you could help me. I'm 18 years old, and I have been thinking about circumcision since beginning of the year. ... My problem is that my penis disturbs me a lot. ... I think it is much too sensitive. If I'm doing nothing, soon I begin to want to urinate - my mind needs to be heedless to avoid this desire...

Another thing is that my foreskin, although not too short or too long, is always disturbing me. I need to 'pull' it to avoid this irritation, but this is something that I can't do in public. And the 'head' of my penis hurts too much when I touch it (I don't know if it's normal). Last, as I have said, my penis is too sensitive in sex too, because I reach orgasm in a hurry less than one minute sometimes!

I thought that this problems could be in part psychological, but I don't know... I would be very glad if you could help me... Is circumcision is the right idea or do you think doing this makes no sense? Thank you a lot"

New York teenager's dilema

"I'm 16 --- err, just turned 17, and uh, I want to get circumcised, not because my dick stinks (it doesn't), but because girls prefer it. Anyway, I was wondering where I should go? I live in New York city. And I'm not sure how to tell my mom. I read every word of your web page and I thank you greatly."

Desire of Hispanic man in Texas to get circumcised

"I'm a 36-year-old Hispanic from Texas and circumcision for Hispanics, especially in my age group, is not too common. I have always wished that this procedure had been performed on me. I have always felt that it is too late to have it done, plus the fact that it can be an embarrassing subject to bring up with the doctor and to have performed, have all kept me from ever honestly exploring the idea of being circumcized."

Smegma and foreskin problems of Irish man in Dublin

"I read your article on circumcision and must say that I found it very interesting. I am 45 and uncircumcised, but have often thought about it. It is not a practice that is generally carried out as a norm here in Ireland.

From a hygiene point of view I always feel very self-conscious of smell, and though I shower every day I sometimes find a white mucus under my foreskin which causes irritation and smells terrible. Also I find intercourse can cause the top of the penis to get sore as the foreskin does not always come easily back into place.

While I say that have considered having the procedure done, I understand that it can be very painful afterwards for some time, even though your article would suggest otherwise and this worries me and puts me off going to see someone about it. I also feel that the procedure would cause more arousal than I might want and this could be embarrassing.

Perhaps you would be kind enough to answer my questions. I would be most grateful."

Foreskin makes 46 year-old uncomfortable around others

"I am a 46 year old male who has not been circumcised. Though I have not suffered from any adverse affect, I've always felt uncomfortable about being different around both the females and males in my life, in regard to my penis. Is it safe for an adult male of my age to be circumcised, and if so, how do I find a surgeon that will be qualified to do a good job? And lastly, about what range can I expect to pay for everything involved in getting the procedure done? I'm sure it will be on an outpatient basis, but if not, could you let me know what to expect there as well. Thank you in advance for your help."

Frenulum tearing during intercourse

"I'm a 27 year old male from Cincinnati, Ohio. I am not circumcized, but I may need one because of my frenulum tearing during sex and difficulty in retracting the foreskin when erect. I have wanted to do this all my life and now I am getting the courage finally do this. Moreover, now I also have a legitimate reason besides appearance.

My question to you is ..... Does insurance cover this procedure and if not how much does it cost? Also ... How long should I expect to be out of commission so to speak? I am a bartender and I suppose I would have to request some time off? Please send any other information or respond to my questions. .. . I am very very scared of getting this procedure done and I need as much info as possible and support in doing this. I definitely wanna do it, but I fear the surgery and off time from work. Any other information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much for your time."

Foreskin problems in 52-year old man

"I am 52 years old and have recently started having trouble pulling the foreskin back from my penis when washing. I would like to know if I am too old to be circumcised? When I finally do get skin pulled back the skin cracks and makes it raw in places, which makes urinating painful by burning."

16-year old Canadian wants to get circumcised

"I'm a 16 year old uncircumcized male. I have to take a shower every single day just to keep it clean. What can I do? How can I get circumcized? I probably need parental permission how could I ask my parents for that? Also when I do become an adult will the doctors do it then or will I have to have a certain disease for them to operate?
I must find the answers to these questions."

Message 2:

"Money is not a problem I have a job. I would definitely prefer a female doctor and there is no way I'd want a male, unless I was asleep. How much would it cost?
Maybe I should just wait til I'm 18. But who knows. Thanx a lot."

German man with Lichen

"Since my foreskin started to not retract any more I went to a doctor and he detected 'Lichen sclerosus atrophicus' in my foreskin. He suggested to me to get a circumcision to solve the problem, i.e., to get rid of the affected skin.

My question now is the following: How big is the risk that the Lichen sclerosus atrophicus will re-occur after a circumcision? Is there maybe another therapy instead of circumcision? What may be the reasons for this skin disease on this part of the body?"

Chinese man with short foreskin wants to get circumcised

"I have just read your excellent website on the benefits of circumcision. I am a 33-year-old and uncircumcised, but my foreskin in the flaccid state covers only half of the glans penis, which makes me look neither circumcised nor uncircumcised. In your opinion, would it be ludicrous to request circumcision at this age without any medical indication, since I have no problem retracting the prepuce at any time? Looking forward to your advice."

Message 2:

"Thanks for the reply -- I was afraid I had made a fool of myself after writing you. The coming New Year and the ensuing resolutions to be made are once again inviting the big question: "to cut or not to cut"! I think I've got this annoying dilemma -- I very much like the look of a circumcised penis, but I also very much enjoy the pleasures of foreskin movement over the glans. If only there were a way to "train" the extra skin to stay behind the head or slip its foothold "on command"!

One thing I forgot to mention in my previous e-mail: when I retract my foreskin fully, a rather large nodule of a blood vessel (the dorsal vein?) is exposed right below the corona of the glans at the top center. If I should decide to be circumcised, would this cause any problems? For instance, might there be excessive bleeding if the vein is severed, or might there be erectile difficulties in the future?

More questions: Just how "tight" is "tight" supposed to be? Or "loose" for that matter? How does one go about deciding precisely how much of the prepuce to remove? Should that judgment be made for the penis in the flaccid or erect state? We only get one chance to get it right, after all!

Were you circumcised in infancy, childhood, or adulthood? (I assume you are circumcised because of your website, but do correct me if I am mistaken!) I am wondering because the pros and cons of the operation can really only best be made by someone who has experienced the physical and sexual sensations in both the uncut and cut states, at least as far as I can imagine! How did you stumble upon such a specialized topic of research, and what has the overall feedback been from readers of your website?

As you can see, I'm still somewhat sitting on the fence (or rather the frenar band!), but could well be persuaded to go for the knife!
I'm anticipating more words of wisdom from you, but in the meantime, best wishes for a happy New Year."

Considering circ after minor problems so seeks more information

"I am uncircumcised and am considering undergoing the operation (not seriously just yet). I did a search on the world wide web, and was discouraged in my decision because of the abundance of info and "propaganda on the side of staying "intact". Your site, "Medical Benefits of Circumcision", is the first article I have read leaning in the other direction. And let me say that it's the more objective and informative of what I've read.

My main reason for writing is to acquire more information on the adverse effects of receiving a circumcision at my age. I am 19. I am desirous of the operation as of now, mainly because of aesthetic and psycho-social reasons. I'm tired of being ashamed of my penis and feeling inferior to those circumcised. Most would call my motives shallow, but I didn't choose to be this way, and I believe I'm entitled to an educated choice now.

I've had minor hygiene/medical problems with my penis to date, one being a rash/infection around the head that occurred after heterosexual coitus. After I stopped having sex, it too ceased. I did not consult a doctor. Another problem is that if not washed everyday, ( I sometimes wash it in the middle of the day) an unattractive odour occurs. And on the occasion of the presence of pre-cum (not sure of the medical name) it becomes more important to wash and if neglected the odour becomes more poignant.

So, with that said, I look forward to a response and hopefully some insight as to my dilema. To sum up my main query, is getting a circumcision at my age worth the benefits it will yield?
Thanks and good day to you."

Tight foreskin for university student in London

"I am a student at Kingston University, London and I am thanking you for your article "medical benefits from circumcision" on the internet. I have had a problem in the downstairs department and 1 month ago I had a frenoplasty. However, the problem is still more or less there and sex without a condom is impossible (not that I don't want to use one, I am only 21). I am due to see a doctor next month for a check up about it and he said he may circumcise me if I still have any problems (foreskin is still very tight)."

Floppy foreskin dislike of 45 year-old

"I read with interest your article. I am forty five and considering circumcision as I am tired of the discomfort of the extra skin, I have about 2/3 an inch overhang beyond the glans. In the last few months I have developed a noticeable and fairly constant itching in my foreskin, which sometimes feels as if it is being pulled, sometimes as if an ice cube is brushing against it. I find it most irritating. I am somewhat concerned I am too old to have this done and am somewhat embarrassed to discuss it with my physician.

Do you have any thoughts or comments or suggestions? I'm sure I'll have it done in the next few months. I just need some reassurance I'm not being an aging fool. I am heterosexual and have always disliked the appearance of my floppy foreskin. I do wish I had had the courage to have it done years ago.
I look forward to hearing from you."

Uncircumcised and unbiassed

"Just a quick note to compliment you regarding your paper. A forthright, non-biased approach to a very controversial issue. Well done.
Signed: (uncircumcised-as of now)."

Sexual attractiveness worry

"Very interesting research. I am 23 years old, in college, uncircumcized, and needless to say, somewhat apprehensive when I'm in bed with a girl. I realize you're probably extremely busy, but please answer this one question. For the reason of sexual attractiveness alone, would you suggest circumcision?"

Aussie with warts on foreskin and pain if retracted

"I am a 30 year old male from Melbourne and thought that I would write to you after reading your article titled 'Medical Benefits from Circumcision". After searching the internet for Australian sites with reference to the subject I found your article, and it proved to be informative and well-balanced. It certainly prompted me to make contact with you because it raised some deep issues I have regarding my penis and it's foreskin. Although a little embarrassed with the prospect of seeking information on this topic I feel that it is something that I have to research.

Last week I visited a doctor after finding some minute growths on my foreskin. They turned out to be warts and were easily treated with some liquid nitrogen, I believe, and a week later they seem to have responded to the treatment quite well. During the physical examination the doctor asked me to retract my foreskin for a check of the area underneath. As I have previously done in this situation I was not comfortable with retracting the foreskin and asked her if she could do it. She did this and completed the inspection. It was and is an incredibly uncomfortable feeling.

Obviously the doctor was interested in my concern and we spoke about the foreskin and my sex life and what problems this particular issue had caused me. During my life I can't remember ever retracting my foreskin and can only remember two occasions during sex that it has been retracted involuntarily. When that happened I had to stop immediately and pull the skin back into place due to the unpleasant and slightly painful sensation.

As a result I don't think that I have ever really enjoyed a good sex life and it has certainly had a negative impact in relationship development. I am reluctant to allow relationships to move into a sexual stage due to embarrassment and a feeling of despair. I suspect that this problem has had a psychological effect on me to the point that the prospect of any relationship that has the potential to develop sexually is doomed to fail from the beginning.

Circumcision was discussed with the doctor on this occasion and she has said that she will make enquiries with urologists as to what the next move might be. Personally the prospect of circumcision scares me, but I believe that my penis is not functioning normally and that I should take action to do something about it. To explain the problem more I would describe my foreskin as unusually thick and very difficult to retract; in fact I have never retracted it myself and have never been able to clean the area. It won't even retract during masturbation.

Would you agree that I have a problem and that circumcision could provide a solution? Do you have concerns about adults undergoing such a procedure? Do you know of a good urologist in Melbourne that I should seek a referral to? Ideally, if I am contemplating a circumcision I would seek the best operator in town. I understand that your time is valuable but would appreciate any comments or suggestions that you may have with regard to this matter."

17 year-old New Yorker hates foreskin

"Hi! I read your web page on circumcision. I am a 17 year old male (will be 18 in November) who is uncircumcized. I hate it! I would do anything to get circumcised. I am kind of reluctant to share this with my parents. Do you know anywhere where I can get this minor operation done? I live in New York City. Any information you could provide on this would be greatly appreciated."

Glad to see website

"I just wanted to write to you to say thanks for your page. It is a very well written piece, and I commend you on your position. As an uncircumcised guy who would prefer to be in the other category, it's gratifying to see a medical opinion on the issue."

Classroom discussion at high-school leads to research on the internet

"I'm a 16 year old male and I am intact, for lack of a better word. I haven't thought much about this topic till recently in a classroom. Someone, I don't know why or how, brought up the topic of circumcision. Almost all of the boys in my class are circumcised (we didn't do a survey or anything), it seems that way when I hear them talk about it, so this is my speculation. I went on the internet to research, I have read articles written by group that are for circumcision and those who oppose it. Both arguments seem plausible, but still I reach no conclusion whether a baby should or shouldn't be circumcised. Both listed their reasons for or against circumcision benefits, and they seem to contradict each other. I heard somewhere, 20/20 or Dateline or something, long ago that the procedure is not recommended.

I don't know, I think my concern is the so called locker-room teasing, sexual intercourse (later in life), psychological effect, diseases, and more, of which I have forgotten most. I think I know the benefits that circumcision has to reduce contracting penile diseases. I have a girlfriend, though we are not having sexual intercourse. I was wondering what effect does it have on the female (heighten or lessen sexual feeling) if a male is not circumcised, and what effect does it have on the male during sexual intercourse? What about the ethical debate about circumcision?

I'd like to thank you for reading this, I really don't know where to turn to ask a question like this. I really appreciated your site."

Can't retract (phimosis)

"Hi. I was just browsing through the net and read one of the articles on 'Circumcision' authored by you. I am a male in late twenties and am not able to retract my skin when the penis is in the erect position. I have never masturbated in my life till now. I feel the orgasm or I ejaculate only during some sex-related dreams. Do you think, I can still go ahead with circumcision? Thanks"

Chance to get it done

"Hi, I'm a young male aged 16, who is not circumcised and through my life I felt different and not like the others. But now I have a chance to be circumcised. I would like to say thanks for making it more clear for me! I think that your site will help many people make the right choice."

Problems, zipper, etc of 22 year-old in L.A.

"My name is [name deleted] and I just got done reading your report on circumcision. I am a 22 year old male who is uncircumcised. I have had a multitude of problems ever since I can remember, such as urinary tract infections, cleanliness, zipper, etc. I have been interested in finding out more information about having one done but its been kind of hard to come by partly due to my embarrassment.

The majority of articles that I have read on this topic have been one-sided and biased. Unfortunately, these people don't have my penis. I was wondering exactly what kind of doctor do I look for? I am living in the Los Angeles Area and any information and resources that you could provide would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time and help."

Western Australian university student says "better late than never"

"Thanks for your informative page. It is so important to have this sort of info available over the net. I am 24 years old and reckon I might "go the cut" to correct my phimosis (better late than never). Any particular problems with circumcision at 24 years? Do I approach my GP first?

I like the idea of a quick local anaesthetic job. Will it really put me off work for a week?"

Ageing father

"To whom it may concern: My father is 78 years old and he has this problem. Maybe you can tell me what I can do for him .About three years ago he told me that his foreskin was stuck. He couldn't get it back and he was in a lot of pain.

He told me that as well the pubic hair was stuck in the foreskin. I was circumcised when I was born so I didn't really understand what kind of pain he was in until he showed me. It was very swollen. I told him he should go see a doctor and let them check it out, but he won't. He thinks he might have cancer there and he is afraid to hear it.

So then I told him to soak in a warm tub and try to pull the foreskin back slowly. He said he has tried that and it doesn't work. Then I told him to get some vaseline and put it around the tip of his penis. He said he's done that and nothing. My dad says it hurts when he urinates and he has a hard time urinating. Can you tell me what I should do for him? It's been three years now. I just asked him about it a week ago and it's the same, so I decided to write you for help. Thank you."

Woman gets infections from uncircumcised men

"While I feel completely awkward e-mailing you such a personal matter, I think that you may have the answer that I have been looking for. I have tried to search for articles on this, but I have come up with nothing, so hopefully you will know.

My question is this -- does circumcision have anything to do with female vaginal yeast infections? I know they have found a correlation with cervical cancer, but what else? As a female, I have come across this problem with uncircumcised men and I was wondering if that was part of the cause. Thank you very much for your time. I look forward to hearing from you.

Cervical cancer sister

"How refreshing to find a fact-based article on the internet, one that contains actual references to peer-reviewed journal articles. After ten years of angst, how wonderful to be convinced that we did the right thing.

Thanks to your extensive gathering of information from well-respected, peer-reviewed sources, I feel that for the first time I have finally had access to the facts that one needs in order to make a rational decision about such an emotional issue. Were I to have another son, the decision in favor of circumcision would be much more obvious.

One aspect you uncovered that was especially significant to me was the connection between circumcision, HPV, and cervical cancer. My sister was diagnosed at age 28 with cervical cancer and died as a result at age 30. Her highly promiscuous husband was uncircumcised. Prior to your article I hadn't been aware of the connection.

I was also interested in the higher incidence of prostate cancer among uncircumcised men, as this particular cancer has occurred in my son's grandfather and fatally in two or three of the same grandfather's brothers."

Yet another failure of foreskin to retract problem

"I'm a 15 year old uncircumcised male and I have a few questions/worries that I really need answered, and was hoping you (or someone else you could get in contact with) could help me out.

As I said, I'm not circumcised, but have had worries, especially seeing as I don't really like the idea of talking with my parents/family or friends about this.

OK, this is what's wrong - I hope it's not too bad. Simply put, my foreskin doesn't retract, even when I have an erection. I don't suffer any pain or anything like that, but it still worries me and I really want it to retract, preferably without the need of a circumcision. From what I could see (I pulled my foreskin back as far as it goes, which allows me to see the majority of the glans), it seems that my foreskin is still attached to the urethral opening, I think that's what it's called, by the frenulum (??).

I wasn't sure if all uncircumcised penises are always attached to the glans by the frenulum (and to just 'ignore' it and still try to retract my foreskin, or not), but as mine is [attached] I wasn't too sure what to do. I have read/heard that forcing your foreskin back if it doesn't retract automatically during erection can cause pain and damage to the penis, so I don't really want to do that till I am sure about it.

The main thing I am trying to work out/understand is if foreskins are always attached to the glans by the frenulum and the foreskin can be retracted normally while attached, or if it is meant to 'break away'? So, am I just meant to retract my foreskin and the frenulum should stretch to allow this to happen, or what??

I know this may seem hard to understand, due to my limited knowledge and confusing wording of the question(s), but I really hope you understand what I'm asking.

If so, can you please email me back telling me, or find out exactly what I should do about this ASAP.

From India with excessive foreskin

I've read your writings about circumcision at and I did so because I have problems with this topic.

1. I am a 24 year old male.
2. My penis, even when fully erect, is covered with foreskin.
3. Because of this (I believe), I ejaculate very quickly (within 1-5 minutes) during intercourse (which is not enough to satisfy my partner or does not bring her to orgasm).
4. The same thing occurs when I masturbate. But when I hold back the foreskin with my hand, the process would last much longer, and my thing would seem to be more erect/stiffer like this.
5. I believe that if I underwent circumcision, I would be able to hold back much longer.

I still would like your personal view/answer to my problems:

1. Should I or should I not go with the operation? (I've not consulted any other doctor.)
2. Some other sites such as <> were against it.
3. Is it dangerous or what do I risk? (I see blood veins up to the tip of my foreskin.)
4. The main question is: Will it solve my problem?
5. What extra precaution(s) should I undertake or should I inform my doctor of?

Our culture is not that developed. We are conservative and so I cannot just consult doctors or they do not have the expertise on such delicate matters. So, I would highly appreciate your view, advice, etc on this matter. I would also be very thankful to you if you could solve my problems. I would also not like you to quote my name elsewhere associating me to this subject. So, I will not write my name to you this time. I hope you understand me.

Thanking you and anticipating your prompt response.

Intense pain/pleasure during sex for man in USA

"I noticed that on a webpage with your name it stated that with circumcision:

Better sexual function on average.

I'm curious about this. It seems to me that sex doesn't last long for me because as my foreskin gets pulled back I often feel a mixture of pain and then intense pleasure. Will circumcision potentially help this?

I'd appreciate your help on the matter as other web related sites are severely biased."

46 year old wants to get circ'd, with usual questions

"I am a 46 year old male who has not been circumcised. Though I have not suffered from any adverse affect, I've always felt uncomfortable about being different around both the females and males in my life, in regard to my penis.

Is it safe for an adult male of my age to be circumcised, and if so, how do I find a surgeon who will be qualified to do a good job? And lastly, about what range can I expect to pay for everything involved in getting the procedure done? I'm sure it will be on an outpatient basis, but if not, could you let me know what to expect there as well. Thank you in advance for your help."

Website an eye opener, how much would a circ cost?

"I wanted to thank you for your web site. It was a real eye opener. I happen to be one of the unfortunate individuals who were not circumcised as a baby.

Now that I am older and have read and studied it, I would like it very much if you could give me a standard price tag to circumcision. How much would if cost to have it done to an adult male. Also, are there any different risks for an adult than a child in circumcision? You would be doing me a great favor in my circumcision decision."

Problems of wife with husband

"I was so glad to find your article because it supported my opinion that our sexual problems were due to the lack of my husband being circumcised. We have a great sex life when we have it, but he always tears and bleeds on the foreskin. This takes at least a good week, if not more, to heal. This did not happen when he was in his early to mid thirties but started around the age of 38. He is now 41.

We now only average sex once or twice a month. I let him read your article, but he is not convinced. He has a urologist he trusts. Is he the right doctor to go to? I am not sure he will do anything about it. He has already said no several times, and I am very distressed about it. It is to the point where I am always worried about hurting him. Any suggestions? Thanks for you article."

White things

"I am uncircumcised and over the past year I have developed little white things that seem to be callouses on the base of the head. I do not masterbate frequently. What is this and can it go away? Thanks"

Another with "white-head zits"

"I just read your report on circumcision and I was wondering if you can answer an embarrassing question for me? I am 25, uncircumcised, and I have had "white-head zits" around the base of the head of my penis. I have had this for as long as I can remember. They don't grow, or go away. They are just there. I am trying neosporin, but it doesn't seem to do anything. Should I try to cut them or what? Please help. Thank you."

Brazilian man wants it and has typical queries

"I am 27 and after talking to my girlfriend I decided to get circumcised. I have some questions that even after talking to my doctor were not answered. I would be pleased if you could answer these: 1 - How much skin is going to be removed ? Is it up to me ? 2 - What kind of medicine should I take after the surgery ? (antibiotics, painkiller, etc) 3 - How long should I avoid sexual intercourse ? My doctor said It should be a month , but in your page you said 2 weeks would be sufficient. 4 - As I don't have phimosis is the surgery simpler?
I hope to hear from your soon and thanks in advance."

Man in Singapore with tight foreskin

"I read your very informative article on circumcision. I would need some advice from you. Sorry for taking up some time off your busy schedule.

I am a 25 year old uncircumcised male. I have a problem of tight foreskin. Retracting the foreskin is extremely painful and I almost never do it.

I did read the advantages of having circumcision done. I would like to have circumcision performed. What would be your advice? I have no problem during urination, although rarely (twice in 6 months), the urine may be misty. Can this be solved otherwise, without circumcision?

How painful is the operation for adults? How much would it cost and how long will it take? I would like to know these details. I am currently in Singapore.

I would really appreciate your response. Thank you very much for your time and advice."

49-year old with UTI

"I found your information on the internet very informative. Thank you for taking the time to share this valuable information. I would also like to ask a question concerning older men getting circumcised.

For years my wife has been getting a vaginal infection quite often after we have intercourse. I have also noticed I have had many urinary tract infections over the years. I would like to know if you would recommend circumcision to someone that is 49 years old and, if so, would it help prevent some of the infections. I would greatly appreciate your response."

18 year old unfortunate to see ignorant doctor in California

"I am 18 years old. I am uncircumcised. About 6 months ago I went to see my family practice doctor about my being uncut, doing this after reading your internet article. I went to him seeking guidance. However, the doctor dismissed me because he was offended by me wanting my foreskin removed. He being uncut too thought I was doing something stupid and unnecessary. I am still uncircumcised and wish it to be done, I live in West Covina, California, USA. Do you have any suggestions regarding who I should go see? No one in particular, but what type of doctor? Being uncut and reading your article has really made me uncomfortable with the possibilities of what might happen in the future due to my penis."

Foreskin causes failure to climax during sex for 19 year-old in Tamworth, Australia

"I am a 19 year-old male who lives in Tamworth, N.S.W. I am uncircumcised as my parents were amongst those that believed it was wrong. I have lived out most of my time quite fine, but until about 2 years ago I didn't recognise a problem.

This was when I had my first sexual encounter. I found my penis suffered from both symptoms of phimosis and paraphimosis. The foreskin would not retract until midway through intercourse and then painfully.

It would also fold over on itself and then I would be unable to return it to cover the head of the penis again. This has caused me a lot of anguish the last few years, as it has meant that I have not been able to come to a climax during intercourse due to very little stimulation.

Thankfully I was in a relationship with an understanding woman, but that relationship did end, and before I get involved with anyone else I would like my problems solved. Hardly any other male I know has not been circumcised, but I did talk to one friend who also wasn't about my symptoms (this was before I read your article and you gave me the names of the conditions).

He explained to me that this didn't occur to him and maybe it was a problem, so I should look into it. Since then I have been trying to find out about this by myself, as I was too shy to talk to my father (my mother passed away) or anyone else. I realised a circumcision would probably be the answer, and that is when I came across your article explaining the pros and cons, so I thought I would contact you on the matter.

I believe that a circumcision is the only course of action now as I cannot go on with this occurrence. (Being unable to come to a climax during intercourse will prevent me from having kids which is one thing I do want, it is also making me very self-conscious.) Having decided this is what I want I was wondering if you could tell me whereabouts I could get one done? You said in your article it would only be about $40.

I"m a bit of a chicken when it comes to pain so I was wondering is there anyway to get pain killers during the operation? I also read a book once about a boy who got circumcised and something happened and they removed the entire penis and he lived most of his life as a girl.

This isn't very likely to happen to me is it? is there any other concerns you think I should know about? If you could get me any information on this pressing matter I would be eternally grateful, as it is a big issue for me, but one I"m not sure about what to do, and am a bit shy talking to people about it. I'd be interested in any names of people you could give me, as any help at the moment would be really good and getting appointments with GPs here is bad sometimes."

[Note: He is confusing the Medicare rebate is Australia for an infant circ with the actual cost of an adult circ.]

University student in Melbourne with long foreskin

"I am an 18 year-old male, from Melbourne, who recently began having sexual intercourse. I have a fairly long foreskin, and even with a fully erect penis, the foreskin covers more than half the head of my penis. I have found this to cause problems during intercourse and can make it very uncomfortable.

I have given it a lot of thought and believe that circumcision is the answer. I would appreciate your opinion on this and would also like to know if foreskin reduction is an option."

Aussie immigrant wants to be circ'd

"I just read your article on circumcision, on the internet. I am very pleased to say that the information on it was very helpful. Unfortunately I am one of those males who is not circumcised.

I believe that it is much cleaner, healthier and is better for sexual activity afterward being circ'd. As you would know I have doubts about whether I should do it or not. I find it quite embarrassing, but I believe I must do it.

Therefore I was wondering if you could explain to me how I could get started on this? Should I go to a GP or simply go to a hospital? How much would it cost, would there be any need to stay in hospital, and how long would I have to wait until I resumed sexual intercourse?

Your help in this matter would be most appreciated."

Phimosis since childhood

"Your interesting write-up was good. Please advise me on adult circumcision and its complications. I am interested to go through one, since I have had phimosis since childhood."

Bladder infections from uncircumcised man claims woman

"I have read your article and did not find anything that specifically related to an increased risk of bladder infections in the female sex partners of uncircumcised men. I am a pro-circ mommy who regularly debates circumcision on the bulletin boards at <<>>.

It is not something I wish to reveal to them, but I did have a boyfriend in High school that gave me chronic bladder infections during our entire relationship. The sex was great, but the pain and misery was not worth it. I also knew a couple while I was in college who had been together for a few months when she (my "then" room-mate) discovered she had chlamydia.

"He" had gone out with a girl SEVERAL years (I think about 5 or 6) earlier and had contracted it from her THEN, had shared antibiotics with her, and had apparently not ever cured himself of it, it was my room-mates first sexual experience, and his first since the other girlfriend ... it had stayed on his uncircumcised penis for all those years!! YUCK!

Anyway, I am quite curious about the statistics on bladder infections (he was a very clean kinda guy, by the way)."

Is there a "cut-off" (!) date?

"I just read your report, and I have a couple questions about adult circumcision. Is there any hospital stay required, or is it an in-and-out operation? And, can a man of any age get circumcised (I am 18), or is there like a cut-off age (no pun intended)! If you could answer these questions I would be very grateful!"

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What is circumcision?
Who in the world gets circumised?
The circumcision debate.
Circumcision history and recent trends.
Position statements by national pediatric bodies.
Why the foreskin increases infection risk.
Circumcision - 'shapshot' of health benefits + reviews.
Different specialists see different things.
Circumcision - benefits outweigh the risks.
Pain and memory.
Penile hygiene.
What motivates parents to baby boy circumcision.
Rates of circumcision.
Physical problems.
Inflammatory dermatoses.
Urinary tract infections.
Sexually transmitted infections.
Cancer of the penis.
Prostate cancer.
Cervical cancer in female partners of uncircumcised men.
Breast cancer in female partners of uncircumcised men.
Herpes simplex type 2 virus in women.
Chlamydia in women.
Trichomonas in women.
Bacterial vaginosis in women.
HIV: the AIDS virus.
Circumcision Socio-sexual aspects.
Circumcision - sensitivity, sensation & sexual function.
Circumcision - societal class distinction.
Circumcision prevents infibulation.
Circumcision procedure.
Circumcision & Anesthesia.
Cost of the Circumcision procedure.
Cost benefit of Circumcision.
Circumcision - how do I find someone to do it?.
Circumcision - whose responsibility?
Risks in infants.
Circumcision - risks in adults & older boys.
Circumcision - breastfeeding outcomes and cognitive ability.
Circumcision, does it affect penis length?
Circumcision - why are human males born with a foreskin?
Circumcision - best not to delay til later.
Circumcision - what caused many cultures to ritually remove the foreskin?
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