The Benefits of Circumcision

A Brief 'Snapshot' of Health Benefits + Reviews

The benefits of circumcision include:

• Decrease in physical problems involving a tight foreskin [Ohjimi et al., 1995].

• Lower incidence of inflammation of the head of the penis [Escala & Rickwood, 1989; Fakjian et al., 1990; Edwards, 1996e; Morris & Krieger, 2017].

• Reduced urinary tract infections: systematic review and meta-analysis [Morris & Wiswell, 2013].

• Fewer problems with erections, especially at puberty.

• Decrease in certain sexually transmitted infections (STIs) such as HIV, HPV, genital herpes, syphilis and other micro-organisms in men and their partner(s).

• Almost complete elimination of invasive penile cancer.

• Decrease in urological problems generally.


Besides the information contained in the present internet review, the reader can consult other reviews on the topic of circumcision and its benefits.

Reviews up to 2010 include: [American, 1989; Schoen, 1990; Lafferty et al., 1991; Russell, 1993; Australian, 1995; Fetus, 1996; Morris, 1999; Adelman & Joffe, 2004; Alanis & Lucidi, 2004; Schoen, 2005a; Short, 2006; Thomson et al., 2006; Morris, 2007a; Schoen, 2007e; Schoen, 2007d; Schoen, 2007c; World, 2008a; World, 2008b; Austin, 2009; Ben et al., 2009; Morris, 2009; Morris & Castellsague, 2010; Morris & Cox, 2010; Tobian et al. 2010].

Reviews and other key articles in more recent years include: [Cooper et al. 2010; Morris et al. 2012-2018; Bates et al. 2013; Cox et al. 2015; Rivin et al. 2016; Wachtel et al. 2016; Wamai et al. 2011, 2012, 2015)

The message all of these peer-reviewed publications convey is consistently a positive one.

The present extensive overview on this website brings together much of the key information in an easy to read format.

The benefits are different as the human male progresses through life. Each of these benefits will be now be reviewed in detail.

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What is circumcision?
Who in the world gets circumised?
The circumcision debate.
Circumcision history and recent trends.
Position statements by national pediatric bodies.
Why the foreskin increases infection risk.
Circumcision - 'shapshot' of health benefits + reviews.
Different specialists see different things.
Circumcision - benefits outweigh the risks.
Pain and memory.
Penile hygiene.
What motivates parents to baby boy circumcision.
Rates of circumcision.
Physical problems.
Inflammatory dermatoses.
Urinary tract infections.
Sexually transmitted infections.
Cancer of the penis.
Prostate cancer.
Cervical cancer in female partners of uncircumcised men.
Breast cancer in female partners of uncircumcised men.
Herpes simplex type 2 virus in women.
Chlamydia in women.
Trichomonas in women.
Bacterial vaginosis in women.
HIV: the AIDS virus.
Circumcision Socio-sexual aspects.
Circumcision - sensitivity, sensation & sexual function.
Circumcision - societal class distinction.
Circumcision prevents infibulation.
Circumcision procedure.
Circumcision & Anesthesia.
Cost of the Circumcision procedure.
Cost benefit of Circumcision.
Circumcision - how do I find someone to do it?.
Circumcision - whose responsibility?
Risks in infants.
Circumcision - risks in adults & older boys.
Circumcision - breastfeeding outcomes and cognitive ability.
Circumcision, does it affect penis length?
Circumcision - why are human males born with a foreskin?
Circumcision - best not to delay til later.
Circumcision - what caused many cultures to ritually remove the foreskin?
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