Adult Circumcision Stories -
Men Circumcised As Adults Tell It As It Is...

The people who should know best about the difference between being circumcised and not being circumcised are those men who were circumcised as adults. Their stories cut right through the misconceptions based on philosophical supposition and ill-informed nonsense.

These stories should be particularly helpful to other men who might be considering getting circumcised, as well as parents worried about the effect on their son when he grows up. The stories that have been relayed from other men verbally who were circumcised as adults are very similar to these. Therefore let's see what they have to say.

Important tips from Australian man

I would like to congratulate you on your excellent website. It's nice to see the circumcision issue presented in a neutral and informative fashion. I would also like to thank you in the advice offered last year, as discussed below, you will see that it has led to a successful solution.

I would like to offer my experiences to readers of this site as, unlike many, I have seen both side of this 'argument' from a first hand view.

I was born in 1970 in Australia. At that time, circumcision was the norm, I apparently was the only infant in the ward not circumcised. The choice of my parents not to circumcise was the same as many parents who do - to look like my father.

Growing up, the foreskin was not too great an issue, I was taught from an early age how to clean myself and practised proper penile hygiene. I was aware that I did not look like most of my class mates, but I must admit it was never too much of an issue. It was not until my teens that I noticed that my penis would develop an 'smell', to put it one way. Despite morning showers, by the afternoon my penis would start to develop a slight odour, not strong, and not noticeable to others, but noticeable to me.

If I missed a shower, say because I was camping, the odour grew stronger, and in cases such as these smegma would start to build up under the foreskin rather quickly. As a result, where possible I would wash twice a day. I noticed while living in Europe (where circumcision is in the minority), that many men would have a strong odour, like the one I was familiar with, in winter. When thinking that in countries such as Italy and regions of France, showers are a once or biweekly affair in winter, I could understand why this odour could become so strong.

As I got older and sexual relations developed, I also noticed the difficulty of using a condom on an uncircumcised penis. To have the condom stay put whilst the foreskin under it moved back and forth was almost impossible, on several occasions it came close to coming off and once actually did. Post sex hygiene I discovered was also a big issue, as ejaculate and fluids would collect under the foreskin, and if left would develop into an unpleasant paste.

At this point I must say that my foreskin could cover the glans (head) of my erect penis. If the skin had been shorter, this might have been less of an issue. From a woman's point of view, no partner ever had anything negative to say about the foreskin (and I have had girlfriends from many parts of the planet). Only once, in a discussion with an American girlfriend when living in the US, did I hear that she thought a circumcised penis looked more aesthetic; that was it though and we had a great sex life. It was not until my present partner, and wife, did I hear a woman say that she did not like the idea of a foreskin.

I began to think about circumcision after an experiment an earlier partner and I tried for fun. During intercourse (without a condom), she held back my foreskin, and the difference to both of us was immediate and amazing. To me it no longer felt as if I were masturbating through a rubber glove, I could actually feel my partner and all her textures. For her, the sealing comment was "oh wow that's good". It got me thinking, and in some ways explained why up until that point I thought intercourse was an overrated activity. This together with the continued hygiene issues made me decide to have a circumcision.

Several years later I finally got around to having it done. I saw a local GP who after questioning me as to why I wanted it done, referred me to a general surgeon. After a simple discussion and examination we set the date for the procedure under general anaesthetic. The procedure lasted an hour and recovery took a week or two. Several 'cosmetic' issues arose from the procedure, but those are outlined below.

That was close to ten years ago now, and since that time I consider it to be the best decision I have made. Hygiene is no longer an issue, the lack of foreskin keeps the penis clean at all times. Nor have I noticed ANY loss of sensation. On the contrary, I find intercourse improved 10 fold since the circumcision. The few microns the skin that the glans may have thickened makes no difference at all to sexual receptiveness and I find it in some ways it is more sensitive.

It annoys me that the anti circumcision lobby creates so many myths and lies about circumcision in order to prove their point. I even read somewhere that one of them thought it was uncomfortable to ride a bike because he was circumcised! Being a serious cyclist, I have never heard such guff! All I can say about these people is this: a man who is circumcised (and has been from birth) that says having a foreskin is better has no grounds for comparison. A woman who champions foreskins can and never will have any idea what it's like to have a foreskin, let alone a penis. And an uncircumcised man who says that having a foreskin is best is in the same boat as the circumcised man, as he has nothing to benchmark against. Men who contribute their life's misgivings, bad sex lives, whatever, on their circumcision do so because it's an easy target. Sex is in the brain, not between one's legs. Just remember that there are tens of millions of very happy circumcised men around the planet enjoying their lives and sex.

From my experiences though I have learnt a few things that are very rarely talked about when discussing circumcision. They are as follows and I feel should apply when talking to a doctor about having a circumcision or having one performed on your son.

1. Ask the doctor/surgeon about what 'style' of circumcision they perform. I did not know about this, nor was it offered to me by my surgeon, but there are three basic styles of circumcision: low, mid and high. These refer to the point at which the 'suture' line is placed. A low circumcision places the suture line very close to the head of the penis. The net result of this is that most, if not all, the 'inner' sensitive skin is removed. This skin is the hot topic for anti circumcision groups and I would agree that if it is removed there will be a loss of sensitive tissue netting in diminished sexual sensations .

I would guess that adult men who have been circumcised and then complain of the loss of sexual sensation must have had a 'low' cut. Mid apparently is the norm for most infants and it removes an equal amount of inner and outer skin. This is what was performed on me, and I have no complaints. On an adult, the suture line is approx about 25mm or 1" from the head of the erect penis. A high circumcision leaves a large amount of the sensitive inner skin but apparently can cause issues if it's too high such as excessive skin stretching. Another name for this is a 'tight' circumcision, because the skin of the shaft is tight when erect and when flaccid there is no loose skin. A mid will have a degree of loose, or wrinkled, skin when flaccid (not enough to cover the head) and though taut when erect, the skin still has some movement.

2. In the case of an adult circumcision the surgeon should use fine non dissolving sutures. In my case the surgeon used dissolving sutures which prematurely dissolved and caused a reaction in the healing. The net result was that the suture line healed unevenly with small rows of fleshy lumps that formed between the sutures. Though causing no problems they were unsightly, as such I had them removed (which was like having a half circumcision!), a process that involved more sutures!! They have been removed very successfully, leaving no trace. In case you are wondering, the removal of very fine sutures involves no pain.

3. Ask if the frenulum will be removed. This area is very sensitive. I am lucky in that the surgeon left mine intact. An overly tight frenulum will need to be removed regardless (or will break on its own accord), but if it is normal it should be kept, or at least left to develop at its own accord. In many infant circumcisions, even when the frenulum is left it may not fully develop, and can appear as if it was removed.

4. Do not be afraid to ask your surgeon any questions about circumcision. Ask what method they use, how many they perform (or how experience they are), what style they usually do etc. etc. They should not have any hesitation in talking to you and in many ways should offer much of this information on their own accord. In my case the surgeon offered nothing and I did not know what I know now; I was not happy with the cosmetic results, leading to further, though minor, procedures to correct his 'tardy' work, though now I am a happy camper!

21-year old man says sex more spontaneous and girlfriend gets more stimulation

"I have just finished reading your 'Benefits of Circumcision' web page and may I say how enlightening it is to see a well documented web page that isn't anti-circumcision. I am 21 years old and underwent circumcision about 18 months ago because I had always considered it to be healthier both for my partner and me. I was also in a position to have it done both discretely and without affecting my employment. Since having it done I have been very happy with the result, as has my girlfriend of six years.

She is amazed at how much better my penis feels inside her vagina, adamant that she gets far more stimulation from my circumcised penis. She is also impressed with how much cleaner it is. Sex, particularly oral sex, is much more frequent and spontaneous since having had it done, as the off-putting possibility of smegma accumulation isn't an issue to be considered now.

Having read all your accounts of the benefits of foreskin removal I am even more pleased and convinced that I did the right thing. Congratulations on excellent work. I hope there is an increase in the number of pages dedicated to promoting the benefits of circumcision."

No more stench and girls like the look better for medical student in Germany

"I am glad to have finally found someone who considers neonatal circumcision as important as I do.

I had to be circumcised when I was 18 (I am now 23) and I just wish it had already been way earlier. In comparison to my uncirc'd days my penile hygiene is a lot better. Tell me what you want, but an uncircumcised penis develops the strangest and foulest 'odours'. I remember that fishy stench of my glans only two hours after having washed my 'old-fellow' when I still had my prepuce.

With dismay I had to see all these loused up and hysteric anti-circ pages on the Internet (NOHARM, etc). I just don't get it! I believe these men all have some kind of psychological problem they channel into their role of being the poor helpless kid that was ripped of its 'precious' penile appendage ... Well, not knowing what it means to have that cursed piece of skin on your penis, how can they think that they have ever lost something?

I have experienced 18 terrible years with my prepuce. Although I never had phimosis or any acute problems with it, it was hell to me! Just take the weird look of an uncircumcised penis! ("Anteater" or "Elephant-Trunk") Every girlfriend I had since commented very positively about my CUT-look. I have also noticed that I can control my ejaculations a lot better since I am circumcised.

During sexual intercourse the foreskin easily moves over the glans and therefore gives excessive stimulations that may lead to premature ejaculations. This is my explanation to Badger's findings on better sex with circumcised men. Yes, it's a shame: here in Germany the circumcision rate of neonates is below one per cent.

I strongly feel that something has to be done about that. Being a medical student at [name of university witheld] I have already tried to inform parents with newborn sons of the necessity of circumcision in our modern society. Some of the medical evidence you have cited seems pretty helpful in my endeavour and so I would like to ask your permission to use some of it in pamphlets."

No more yeast infections for a man in the USA

"Thank you for a wonderful, well-reasoned article on the benefits of circumcision. No such information has been easily available for some time and your article filled a void. I would like to share with you my experience and ask a couple of questions. I was circumcised 5 years ago at age 34.

I finally underwent the procedure after several years of trading yeast infections back and forth with my wife. We tried a number of alternatives, but finally both agreed that the circumcision was the best solution. I don't know why I waited so long, but my problems with balanitis and her vaginitis stopped.

Sex improved, or at least certainly did not degrade (any increase in pleasure could well be psychological, though I have noticed that the tighter the skin is during intercourse, the more pronounced the orgasm). In short, I heartily agree with your conclusions and have no regrets. However, we have begun to notice that the skin is beginning to elongate.

While it remains behind the glans when flaccid, it can be pulled forward to cover virtually all the glans, which did not appear to be the case right after the operation. Is this normal? Curiously, my wife has begun to have an occasional yeast infection again, though I appear OK. Secondly, and as previously stated, the sensation of sex appears to have improved with a tighter skin. Given the elongation, I am considering having a second circumcision. Are there any data on the relative amount of skin that can/can't be removed? Anyway, again thanks for a well done article."

Cosmetic reasons says man in USA

"I was circumcised at age 41 primarily for cosmetic reasons. Both my wife and I have been pleased with the outcomes. We both find my penis better looking and there have been no problems with decreased sensitivity. My wife states intercourse feels better for her and oral sex is more appealing as well."

Better sexual performance for another man in USA

"My sexual performance improved after being circumcised because my self-image improved and my confidence was better " there was no loss of sensation, simply a different feeling ... which I happen to find far, far better and more satisfying to my eternal surprise and joy."

Boarding school blues for Australian man

"I was circumcised at 18 years of age, after 10 years attending a boarding school (Geelong Grammar) where 99 per cent of boys were circumcised. My foreskin was horrible - it had a long elephant trunk - and I found the build up of smegma, etc impossible to control. I was highly relieved to finally be circumcised, but the operation could have been better performed. Too much inner skin was taken, and not enough skin in total.

I would like to have a further circumcision to remove what I consider excess skin and tighten my penis back up again. I would appreciate your advice regarding surgeons who may undertake circumcision revisions in Melbourne or Sydney, or somewhere in-between, and who are sympathetic to the need for this type of operation. I am hoping the operation can be done in a day hospital or doctor's surgery."

Hygiene, appearance and sexual benefits says man from New Zealand

"I found your website on circumcision very informative and interesting. I had the operation at the age of 36 for reasons of hygiene, appearance and the sexual benefits. I first considered it at the age of 17, but could not make my mind up. Back then there wasn't the information that is available now on the internet. Also I thought that I needed to go overseas to be circumcised."

A doctor's account of his circumcision experience sent to Circumcision" "I was delighted to see [your website] about circumcision was so well put together. I wrote to the editor of "Circumcision" [see below] telling him about my own adult circ and the need to reinforce in the minds of the men who have been circumcised that they have no reason to be fearful of or resentful about having lost their foreskins and are therefore "missing out". Interestingly, he dismissed this as "just my opinion" biased as it was [by] my reasons for wanting a circ in the first place.

As an MD and an Australian from Adelaide, I was well aware of what an uncircumcised penis was all about and hated being different and indeed not the least of which were the hygienic aspects of being uncircumcised. It is true that not many men are going to wash their penises after ejaculation, although the next morning is awful if you don't!!!!!!! The most important thing I think, is that the sensory differences between the circ'd and uncirc'd penises are not all that significant, if you compare neonatal circs with uncirc'd penises.

This doesn't always hold true if the circ is done later and therein lies a legitimate gripe. Most surgeons trim the inner mucosal layer to within millimetres of the glans and this includes the removal of the frenulum which for me would be a disaster as that is my trigger spot for mounting sexual tension.

Luckily, knowing this I was able to have my circ "my way" so to speak, and the surgeon left almost all the inner layer so that the cut-line is about 2" back from the glans. Intercourse immediately felt better as now the tighter shaft feels friction along the whole length with a dizzying array of feelings, allowing me to concentrate on different places at different times. The shaft skin used to remain fairly static before and the glans remained covered most of the time.

Notably as orgasm approached and the glans swelled to its maximum, the foreskin would remain behind the glans and the overwhelming constant sensations on the now very sensitive glans would trigger a sudden rush to orgasm. Today, the control is greater as the glans is stimulated earlier in intercourse and I think the receptors "down-regulate" so that, great as it feels, there seems to be no sudden rush of sensation to unstoppable orgasm. I acknowledge that psychological factors play a part in this on a day to day basis, but overall the effect is a smoother escalation and control of sexual tension.

The wonderful sensations in the frenulum have remained the same. The glans is not as sensitive, as I can tolerate clothes rubbing it, which was absolutely intolerable before, but once the glans is moistened it feels exactly the same as the uncirc'd state. It has been over 8 years since the circ, it was done at age 42, and I have been dying to tell guys that the "cut" state is great and their partners really do benefit.

I wrote a humorous article for Acorn magazine which I must send off, describing the funny experiences I had during the operation, which was under local. I must admit to having an advantage over most men in that I really had spent some time understanding my penis before submitting to the knife and being able to talk to the surgeon about the exact procedure I wanted. Keep up the good work and if I can help, let me know."

A doctor circumcises himself

"I commend you on your internet post on circumcision. What a breath of fresh air to read a posting of such quality on this topic.

I am a physician and have had a life long interest in this topic, partly for personal reasons. As a child I was the only one of 4 sibs who was not circumcised. I also thought my father was circumcised but found out when he was in old age that he was not. Needless to say this caused me considerable discomfort as a child and perhaps initiated my interest in this topic.

Several years after medical school I made the decision to separate myself from my foreskin. I first did the taping thing as I was very concerned about sensitivity, etc. After several years and trying to remember various nuances, feelings, etc, and after much analysis, I decided to go ahead. A little unusual perhaps, but late one evening I used a Gomco clamp and circumcised myself after office hours. Post-op results were very good. I continued over the following years to compare sensitivity and other aspects such as intravaginal sensations, etc, and noted changes as I continued to make my observations.

I am now age 62 and have basically lived half my life with and without a Foreskin, so I feel I am as much of an expert as anyone on this topic. I would be interested in corresponding with you if you are interested. I have found there is few, if any who can discuss this topic intelligently.

A few questions I would like to pose to you if you don't mind:

Are you circumcised and if so at what age was it performed? And which method? 2. What is your sexual orientation?

I believe there are many sensitivity, sensations, functional and esthetic aspects to say nothing about what I have come to appreciate as deep psychological meanings to this state and would love to discuss them with you objectively -- if that is possible with this emotional laden topic.

Thanks. Look forward to hearing from you." 2nd message: "Thanks for your response. I've considered sitting down sometime and writing about my experiences with this topic but have always seemed to get busy with something else.

I am heterosexual and happily married with three grown children. Early in my adult life I had a couple of homosexual encounters. As I have looked back on those experiences and also after reading some postings on the circlist, I have wondered if I possess some latent homosexual desires, etc, but have come to the conclusion that that is not the case. I never have been sexually attracted to other men. When engaged in the homosexual activity it was always to explore aspects of circumcision with myself asking questions about this with those men (who were circumcised).

I used this information along with that gathered from research in medical libraries, etc (which back then was not very helpful), in ultimately making the choice to follow through with the operation. Over the years I've been somewhat surprised at the lack of interest on the part of men about this topic (circumcised and uncircumcised). Which caused me to ask again about my orientation. Again I came to the same conclusion. This has further been supported with some of the postings on the net.

One thing that I have observed, however, is that artistic (and at some level what I would call spiritual) individuals seem to have a greater appreciation, curiosity, or interest in this area. One gentleman who used to frequent an athletic club I belonged to years ago is an example of this point. He was circ'd in his early forties (20 years ago) at the same time as he had a vasectomy. He offered this while sitting in the sauna one day. Needless to say this opened the air for questions. He was a very artistic individual, a retired photographer and strongly heterosexual.

When I posed some questions as to why he had been circ'd, i.e., was he having problems, etc, he said no. He had always thought it was best to be circumcised; cleaner, looked better, etc. And that he was always self conscious in showers as others were usually circ'd. I found this interesting and perhaps enlightening. He had come from a poor background and was now very well-to-do.

A related story he told regarded going back to his high school reunion with a new BMW and how he felt good about that as he always had felt inferior with his peers. In some way I also was hearing in his stories that he also had returned with a circumcised penis which he was proud of. I could relate to that as being circumcised has improved my self-image as well. I wonder from a larger archetypal perspective how stories like this weave into this topic.

When did your interest in this topic began? I hope you're willing to share some of your story. I'm sure you're aware that what you are doing from an academic and educational perspective is not the norm. (Don't get me wrong, I commend you for what you are doing.) I suspect you've had many questions over the years because of what you are doing. And people wondering where are your interests in this topic stemming from, etc.

One aspect that I think is very important in discussing this topic is the type or level of circumcision. Inner skin/outer skin, degree of taughtness (flaccid and erect), etc. Most writings do not mention this. One conclusion I came to was that if one is circumcised it is best to have no loose skin remaining.

The reason I say that is the glans does become less sensitive after circumcision and with intercourse if there is skin left to move back and forth over the glans this further "buffers" the vaginal and frictional sensations for the man. However, without any remnant of foreskin the glans is in continuous contract and enjoys the friction from intravaginal movement.

Also an activity I always enjoy is staying intravaginal after orgasm. I found when uncircumcised this was next to impossible as the glans would retract into the foreskin when I lost my erection. Now, with a "knob" for the vagina to hold onto I have on many occasions fallen asleep in this wonderful embrace. The only negative here though has been an awareness of less sensitivity and feeling of this wonderful place. If you where circumcised in infancy there is no way you could have an appreciation for this. That is not good or bad -- just is.

I can also tell you from personal distinction that sensations (circumcised/uncircumcised) are different!!! There is less sensitivity! And I would not go back to having a foreskin!!
Enough for now. Look forward to hearing from you and any personal experiences/observations you are willing to share. I am excited about making contact with someone of your background and intellectual integrity."

University teacher hears the author on talkback radio

"Got your note about the radio talk-back program. I can imagine the interviews with the leaders from NORM and UNCIRC. People from these organizations really are fanatical and have a lot of "drivel" to offer to the public. It is too bad that they decided to jam the lines during the broadcast.

I can never understand why anyone would want to restore. I am sure that the only thing that will happen after a lot of taping and stretching is that you will have your glans somewhat covered with a flap of skin to keep it warmer and collect smegma, and that is about all.

The only nerves around will be those on the shaft skin and the remaining inner foreskin, which in most circumcisions (including mine) are very limited due to little remaining inner foreskin. I suppose some "sensitivity" comes back due to less friction on the glans, and particularly the corona, but that is all. With a tightly circumcised penis the sensation that comes from the friction of clothes on the glans and corona is very pleasant and sensual, let's face it. As a person circumcised as an adult, I can vouch for that, as I know the difference!

Pardon the long email, but once I get started on one of my favorite topics, forget it, I could continue writing for a long time!

PS: I also teach at a university (physical chemistry)"

Australian Chinese man says "good"

"I have only good things to say about my adult circumcision. For your interest, I have so much more sensitivity now that I am circumcised than I ever did before, and from what I understand, many men in similar situations can say the same thing.

Puerto Rican man says very pleasant

"I can never understand why anyone would want to restore. I am sure that the only thing that will happen after a lot of taping and stretching is that you will have your glans somewhat covered with a flap of skin to keep it warmer and collect smegma and that is about all.

The only nerves around will be those on the shaft skin and the remaining inner foreskin, which in most circumcisions (including mine) are very limited due to little remaining inner foreskin. I suppose some "sensitivity" comes back due to less friction on the glans, and particularly the corona, but that is all. With a tightly circumcised penis the sensation that comes from the friction of clothes on the glans and corona is very pleasant and sensual- let's face it.

As a person circumcised as an adult, I can vouch for that as I know the difference!
In spite of the vocal minority groups, circumcision holds its own with about 65% of the current males being circumcised at birth in the U.S. It also seems to be catching on in some Asian areas such as Korea and Japan where it is the "in" thing. It is also common in many areas among the upper classes, including Hispanics (Spain, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Latin America are examples). I live in Puerto Rico and it is quite common here for parents to circumcise their infant boys - probably due to the American influence.

You are right, we need to be doing all we can to oppose the political campaign of distortions, lies and misinformation put out by UNCIRC, NORM and their ilk."

Aussie says no loss of sensitivity and glans grows

"I read your article on circumcision with great interest. As a male who was circumcised as an adult I can concur that there has been very little loss of sensitivity and I am happy with my circumcised condition. There is one factor overlooked by many proponents of circumcision as to it's value.

Due to the confining nature of the foreskin, the glans does not develop proportionally with the rest of the penis. It is like a small acorn on the end of a thick stick. When circumcised, and the restricting nature of the foreskin removed, the glans will start to grow proportionally with rest of the penis."

Happy to be circumcisedd at 21

"Every word in your review, I agree wholeheartedly. I'm glad there is some good pro-circumcision here.

I'm confounded by all this talk of restoration and all the pain they go through. I was given a choice and I couldn't wait to earn enough money to get that nasty, smelly foreskin whacked off. I was 21 at the time of my circumcision, and I never had any problems with "loss of sensation" and all those "G" spots I've been reading about.

I don't get it! Sex has been much better after the so-called "loss" of my foreskin. I guess you can say I raped myself, if you go along with what some of these guys write. I feel that I've had it both ways, and, believe me, that damned foreskin stinks, and also it's downright ugly.

Sign me happy to be circumcised!
Message 2:

Yes, you can use what I have written you. Do you think those anti-circumcision guys will come and staple some foreskin on my penis if they find out who I am?
Circumcision has been around a long time. I don't think it will ever disappear. If you want me to give more of my opinions, I'll be glad to add more."

Man in the UK

" I am writing to thank and congratulate you for your thoughtful and well reasoned website arguing the merits of routine male circumcision. As a British male who was circumcised in adulthood I believe that the benefits of the operation far outweigh any supposed (but not proven) drawbacks.

I regret the fact that routine male circumcision is discouraged by the medical profession in my country (generally NHS doctors refuse to carry it out except for religious reasons, and even then they will argue against it). Given the large amount of anti-circumcision propaganda put out by organisations such as NOCIRC and NOHARM, I wonder whether those of us who support the practice should establish some sort of pressure group, perhaps on the net?"

Another happily circumcised man from the UK

"... my own experience of circumcision in middle age (for which there was no medical necessity) has been entirely successful in every way."

Girls love my circumcised penis

Although of the UK generation in which half my peers were cut at birth, I missed out - strange, because dad was circumcised. Fate intervened when I was eight and caught pneumonia. Just before discharge from hospital and being convenient they decided to circumcise me. After adjusting to the initial discomfort, I was delighted with the result; now looking like my friends and peeing in a jet instead of spraying.

My satisfaction increased when girls came into my life and approved of what they found in my trousers. My parents never wanted to talk about the topic and fobbed off my questions so I was left to research this fascinating subject through library books. The more I read the more I became convinced circumcision was a good thing. It is no accident that it was discovered to be beneficial thousands of years ago and became embedded in rituals and religions of peoples concurrently developing in isolation.

We could spend all day discussing how and why the popularity of circumcision arose among the English speaking white communities of the world only to decline in all but the USA. Suffice to say that America appears to be more of a matriarchal society than the rest.

This brings me to WOMEN as being the avenue to spread this wonderful prophylactic practice. It isn't just a matter of AIDS but a whole group of STDs which impact on vaginal health as well as the penises of their partners. Your colleague Prof Bertran Auvert is ABSOLUTELY RIGHT; women are key to this battle of persuasion. Unfortunately the current mindset of a generation of mothers in the UK and elsewhere, who have no experience of circumcision, is a problem. The collective perception that it is unnecessary, barbaric, and not something to be seriously considered, will be hard to shift. But we must try!

I'm motivated by the attitude of our otherwise excellent GPs who refused our request to circumcise our two sons born in the late sixties. There was no internet back then so I lacked the information to be able to find someone who would do it privately - whom I would gladly have paid.

Typical is the story of a young mother in the UK I know and with whom I've been in touch on this aspect. Being married to a circumcised American she wanted her recently born son to be circumcised to match his father. She did an enormous amount of research and had a hell of a time finding an operator to do it. In the end she had to fly over four hundred miles to London to have it done.

She started a website to discuss and pool information on the subject which you can check out at: She is on a campaign to educate both young mothers and medical professionals and make circumcision available on request on the NHS.

Strangely the government health care professionals preach the doctrine of 'prevention is better than cure': They harangue us to adopt healthy lifestyles vaccinate our children, go for regular screening check ups, eat wisely, don't drink, don't smoke, etc.. But, when it comes to one of the most prophylactic procedures like that of circumcising our sons? NO!

Recently there has been much media coverage of the proposal to immunise schoolgirls with a new  vaccine to protect them from the human papilloma virus known to cause cervical cancer. Great store is placed on it's 60% effectiveness. As the HPV is mostly harboured and spread by uncircumcised males, a more cost effective, proven, practice to be used in combination, for even better results, would be to circumcise boys as well. But in all the extensive media coverage of cervical cancer and the the vaccine I have never once heard circumcision mentioned. It is a subject so studiously avoided - so that is another nut to crack

Phimosis cured for student in UK

I knew that for girls, their first time would hurt, and a few friends I had asked had said that during intercourse, the foreskin could stretch. Therefore, when I first began masturbating, and could not retract my foreskin more than about half a centimeter when erect, I did not perceive it to be a problem. I found my own technique, and thought nothing of it for years.

Eventually, I began to wonder if the first time was painful for guys as well as girls, and wanting to know what I could be letting myself in for, tried to retract my foreskin further. Ouch. I thought to myself, "It can't possibly be meant to be this painful, can it?" After plucking up the courage to speak to my parents about it, I went to see a doctor, who diagnosed me with phimosis.

Knowing that without a circumcision, I would be unable to go through intercourse without extreme pain, I had myself booked in, and had the operation 6 days ago. Before my procedure, I had not read any literature (such as NOCIRC's "information" or your paper), but in the past few days, as healing has accelerated, I quickly became curious as to how masturbation, looks, sensation, etc would change thanks to my operation.

All I can say is, I am glad I found your page first! In my view, I was not given enough choice or information during the pre-op stages or about healing. Thanks to circlist, I found out about the process of keratinisation, as well as the different types of circumcision (I had a low, tight circumcision).

Thanks to setting aside an hour or so and reading through your paper, I am now much more confident about my sexual prospects, appearance (thank god I won't ever look like that... it's horrible!), cleanliness, etc. I am not even fully healed yet, and already I am extremely happy. Since reading your page, I can rest assured that I am more attractive to women and less likely to suffer later in life. I cannot stop telling my friends how great it feels to know how I will benefit, and I cannot recommend it enough!

Better sensation for her and me. I'll last longer. I'll be more attractive, cleaner and healthier. I'm no longer in pain. In fact, I only needed painkillers on the day of my procedure! Yes, I am still healing, and can't 'experiment' properly yet, but having to wait is building the anticipation. I have nothing to lose, and can't wait.

I honestly think this is the best decision I ever made. In fact, I would like to request permission to distribute your paper at my college in the UK, with this account attached. NOCIRC are liars. Circumcision is the best thing that ever happened to me. Thank you!

- Adam James, 18 Student, Wilberforce College, United Kingdom

Mother's account relayed by man in the UK

"This is my mum's account. I have been given permission to use it. I am 31 now and live in the UK, and there is not much information about. Finding your page on the internet was refreshing as yours is the only pro page I seem to be able to find. I was circumcised when I was 19 after I had tried to do it myself.

If I had information available to me and I thought that I could have asked my doctor to do it I would have felt better for it, as I do now. I had sex before it had been done and I like sex after much more.

I only wish that in the UK routine circumcision at birth was the norm. I am pushing for this to be the case. Lastly I have a friend who suffered from a tight foreskin until the age of 35. He states that [his penis] was 4" before and is 6" now and no longer in pain for the tightness and infections. He also wished he had been done at birth."

Man in Singapore certain he did the right thing

"At age 29, I just underwent a circumcision. I suffered from non-retractive foreskin and in 10 months of marriage, had been unable achieve orgasm during sex with my wife, which had always ended in frustration and some physical pain. Although it's only day 9 after the operation and the stitches (around 25) are still in and I am having difficulty walking without pain due to the sensitivity of the now-exposed glans bumping against my new silk boxer shorts and very baggy pants, I am feeling immensely better about myself, my marriage and the prospects of having a mutually satisfying sexual relationship with my wife.

Although my brother is circumcised because of urinary tract infection in his youth, I never once had an infection in 29 years and no-one (parents or family doctor) suggested circumcision. I went ahead with it after seeing my doctor here (I moved to Singapore 2.5 years ago) who diagnosed the non-retractive foreskin. He and the surgeon who performed the operation were amazed at the infection-free track record!

I have read through some websites found by "Yahoo!" that strongly disagreed with circumcision, reading which upset me somewhat, but reading your website, with its fair minded and research-backed opinions has greatly reassured me that I did the absolute right thing."

Circumcised and very happy, Liberated and not mutilated

"I read your article on circumcision rather thoroughly this morning, although I had come across it about a year ago. I was impressed by the fact that the article is very well documented, unlike many of the anti-circumcision articles that are on the web these days.

I am very pro-circumcision and decided to be circumcised as an adult for personal and not for any medical reasons. I must say that it has been a decision that I have never regretted. On the contrary, I have been very happy with the result and only regret that I did not make the decision earlier or that my parents did not have me circumcised as an infant.

As a child and a teenager, I was somewhat in the minority with a foreskin, although some of my friends were not circumcised. There was some peer pressure on the issue, but not a lot. Nevertheless, I always liked the "look" of the circumcised penis.

Once I was out of college and graduate school and was working in another area, I decided to get circumcised as an adult (28 years old) and have never regretted it. I obviously have had "before" and "after" experiences and can assure you or anyone else that "after" is much better than "before" for a large number of reasons.

I would be happy to list some of the reasons as to why I am glad I got circumcised, if you are interested. It is refreshing to see well-documented pro-circumcision information after so much garbage about imagined "losses, violations, etc." that appears on the web these days. After Circlist disappeared, there is very little pro-circ information available to anyone who is surfing the web. Congratulations on your website! I hope to buy your book as well. Write if you care to."

Message 2:

"I got your book some time ago and have gone through it several times. Very interesting and well documented. It certainly is nice to see your pro-circ website is alive and well with all of the anti-circ propaganda on the web these days.

As you know, we had some correspondence in the past and I wrote to you about my feelings and observations as an individual who was circumcised as an adult. It did not leave me traumatized, only happy!

The only regret I maybe have is that I was not cut as an infant, but then I could not have possibly known the "before" and "after" difference that I now know and really appreciate. In the past I wrote to you rather extensively about my own experiences and also gave you permission to use any of the material anonymously in your writings. Keep up the good work!"

North Queenslander's story

"I would like to tell you a little of how I became so fascinated (I hope I'm not too obsessed) with the subject of your book.

I was born in a small town in North Queensland in 1947. At school I noticed that most of the kids (say 80%) had had the procedure done with only a few kids like myself and the migrant kids, mostly Greek and Italian being still intact.

In my case, I could not retract my foreskin until I was about 14. I did not have phimosis but adhesions whereby the mucosal layer was attached to the glans for 7/8 of the way with only the very tip of the glans being visible when the skin (or rather the outer skin was retracted).

During the whole of this time I never had any infections and never dared to mention it to my mum. When I was about 14 in Grade 9 as I recall (or "subjunior" as it was called in Qld) my brother and I were playing and he stepped on me causing the adhesions to tear a little.

I subsequently finished off the job inside our house myself. As you can guess, the whole thing became infected, whereupon my mother accused me of all manner of things. My mother then treated it with some sort of bush remedy. A great feeling when you are 14.

Nevertheless following this event, I could fully retract the foreskin, but I was left with a two tone glans which was 1/8 pink and 7/8 a deep purple. I still couldn't fit in [with my peers].

Over the years I tried all manner of things to try and keep the skin retracted fully and to make uniform the color of the glans. The color of the glans did in fact change and become uniform by the time I was about 20, or perhaps earlier.

In 1983, after I was married and had two children, my daughter was about 13 and my son 10 (done at birth with bone cutters and no anaesthesia, similarly to the Jewish shield method and somewhat quicker than plastibell), I got a referral from a GP to a urologist who performed the procedure in a private hospital under general anaesthesia.

I am very satisfied with the result which has got rid of most of the mucosal layer which tended always to look a bit red. The frenulum is largely preserved, as it is detached from the residue of the mucosal layer. (I have since found that this is the typical way it is done.) It would be like detaching the frenulum under one's tongue from the tongue itself, but leaving both intact.

A comment made by the urologist was that in his experience all men would be better off without a foreskin. He also said that both his sons were done at birth. He said that he had, over the years, done persons of all ages, including some very old men.

In summary, the reason I had it done was because of the hygiene factor, particularly the morning after intercourse, especially in hot weather, it was a bit "on the nose". Additionally, in hot weather on days when I was gardening, for example, I felt the need to itch the area continually.

The only way to avoid this was to shower before (not after) doing some physical work, something that didn't make sense. This was the case whether or not ejaculation had recently occurred. Lastly, it just looks that much better, no reddish mucosa or frilled lizard look, when retracted.

On the matter of feeling, I noticed some initial change, but it certainly was not a reduced feeling of sensation. Overall, it was as good as before, if not better, just somehow different, although that was very slight.

Now that I have finished your book, I propose giving it to my daughter to read. She will be starting a family soon. I found the information very informative and as a result I agree with the overwhelming conclusions reached in your book (the pros).

I have however, 3 questions. Firstly, I was told that the number done up to 6 months of age still represented less than 20% overall for Australia, going on the HIC figures. Is that about correct? Even if this is the case, I realize that a majority percentage for the intact state, does not mean that is the best approach, just the parent's choice [or lack of it].

Secondly, do you know whether the various professional colleges or hospitals giving any specific training in the procedures including the use of anaesthesia? From my enquiries, it seems that it is more of a matter of each Doctor for themselves, especially the GPs.

Lastly, whilst I wholeheartedly agree that it is far better to do the procedure, some Doctors whether using bone cutters, or the plastibell for instance, prefer to leave approximately 1/4 to 1/3 of the glans covered after the procedure. A case of better to leave too much than too little. Why is that? When asked for the reason they advise that it will "take-up" or "self-correct" when the child is running around, or more likely around the time of puberty.

My own son's was like this for the first few years, without any problems. In his case, I believe it was due more to a fat pad that he developed as a baby at about 2 months. Whilst he became very lean and mean with a taut stomach after becoming a toddler, he never (in the early years), lost the fat pad.

I enquired of our GP years ago when he was about 2 or 3 years, and he said to apply light pressure to the fat pad. Once I did, the remainder of the shaft and therefore the remainder of the glans protruded. He is now 23 and the last time I saw things was when he was still at high school in about Grade 11. I only got a glance, but everything looked very normal and had in fact corrected. However, I think that it self-corrected when he first reached puberty."

Message 2:

"Thanks for your very prompt reply.

The article by Dr James Wright was also in last week's Sunday Mail here in Brisbane. ["Dr Wright" has a regular newspaper column in Australia.] I phoned him and we got talking. He said that he was in favour of the procedure with his sons and grandsons having had it done.

He did however say that friends of his has chosen to do otherwise, hence the personal choice. One recommendation of his which I don't agree with is the suggestion that it is best to have it done after the child leaves hospital. I would have thought that the more sterile surrounds of a hospital theatre were preferable to a doctor's rooms, so it should be done before leaving hospital. Also, there is the additional cost if the procedure is done in a theatre by a paediatric surgeon, after the child leaves hospital.

With respect to the residue skin "taking-up", I can recall this in my own case. As a child I had more redundant skin extending beyond the glans. At around puberty or thereabouts that excess seemed to disappear with the very tip of the glans (the meatus) being visible, unless it was very cold etc.

While I think of it, you would be welcome to use my story at some future time, provided of course that my anonymity was protected."

Pondered whether to since 17 and got it done at 36

"I found your website on circumcision very informative and interesting. I had the operation at the age of 36 for reasons hygiene, appearance and the sexual benefits.

I first considered it at the age of 17, but could not make my mind up. Back then there wasn't the information that is available now on the internet. Also I thought that I needed to go overseas to be circumcised."

UK man says the needs of men should be put first

"A friend lent me a copy of your review recently. I wish that I had read it two and a half years ago when I was considering undergoing the operation (at the age of 43), since I feel that it would have removed any remaining doubts at once.

I made the decision to go ahead and the procedure was performed as a "day case" under local anaesthesia. I have no regrets. I see the propaganda of the "anti" lobby in a harsh light and would support the case for this to be a routine operation on newborn boys.

The only practical disadvantage I have perceived has been that masturbation has become rather more difficult and perhaps marginally less pleasurable. I hope that a sense of balance will continue to return to discussion of the subject so that the needs of men (primarily) can be put first."

Before and after story, Man "takes bull by the horns"

"Thank you for such a prompt reply. I suppose what I was looking for was an endorsement of someone who you considered could perform this procedure on an adult male. I don't suppose there is much of a calling for this that often.

Having waited this long I suppose I want a result that is both aesthetically pleasing and without any complications. One last question: am I better to consult a plastic surgeon or a urologist. Once again thank you for your help"

Message 2:

"Well so much has elapsed since we last communicated. At your suggestion I have "taken the bull by the horns" so to speak. I ran into a friend, or more appropriately an acquaintance, on Saturday who is a cosmetic surgeon. And yes I mentioned to him that I would like to see him. "Come in early Monday 8 am if you can and I will see you straight away before my days list" was his suggestion.

I got the impression he understood my anxiety. And so at 8 am this morning I asked him if he could perform a circumcision for me. To my surprise he seemed so relaxed at my request. He amazed me by telling me of the different requests that he gets from men in the course of a day's consulting. My request it seems is one that happens quite often in the course of a week's medicine. And so he put me completely at rest.

Experience it seems is something that he certainly has because he informed me of doing four circs one morning. In actual fact there is another chap who is undergoing the same procedure on Wednesday. He averages one a week, and even for aesthetic reasons such as mine. And on Wednesday I too will be done. He explained to me that I will have to have a general anaesthetic and apparently I will have some stitches, which is something I didn't realize, but so be it. He has assured me that the result will be good and look perfectly normal.

My wife doesn't know yet, although I think she will be pleased. I have felt so intimidated from boarding school days onwards. To this day I still feel intimidated at the gym or pool because of my excessively long and somewhat ugly foreskin.

After so many years, it is all happening. All because an anonymous someone at the other end of a computer has given me the courage to speak up. I am very grateful to you for your unbiased and informative web page, and for your frank and immediate responses to my emails. I feel so relieved after all these years. Thank you. If you are interested I will let you know how I get on."

Message 3:

"Well tomorrow is the big day. I have to say I am feeling just a little nervous. I hope I have made the right decision. I want the result I suppose without the procedure in the middle. If you don't receive this till tomorrow then hopefully it will all be over by 9 am. I am scheduled for 7.30 am. Thanks again for all your advice."

Message 4:

"Where do I begin. I awoke early Wednesday and arrived at the hospital at the designated time. I was taken to a room where coincidently the other chap who was undergoing the same procedure was also. My anxieties faded in the comfort that I wasn't alone.

After a brief introduction to the anaesthetist I was wheeled off to the theatre at the allotted time. I was somewhat surprised to find so many people in the theatre. I don't know what I was expecting, but 5 or so people all at work preparing amazed me. I suppose I had thought it was just a SIMPLE LITTLE procedure, not people everywhere in an operating theatre. Obviously I haven't had that much experience.

This may make you laugh but all I could think of was laying there in all my glory under the anaesthetic. Then of course the usual followed and I awoke some time later. I took one peep under the sheets and was amused by a small bandage. Of course I dozed for the rest of the day. When I went home I was warned about any pain or bleeding and of course the possibility of nocturnal erections.

IT HIT ME; I was not prepared for the pain or the discomfort. My expectations were clouded by the testimonials of other men that I have read here on the net. It all seemed so easy from what others had said.

The pain has been severe at times. I have had to resort to Panadene Forte a lot. I don't think I have a low threshold to pain but. ... It's only been two and a half days now and hopefully things will get easier. I had a look at the wound for the first time this morning. The stitches are neat and the wound is clean, but I am swollen.

Fortunately there isn't that much bruising. I wear tight underwear during the day, and at night in bed to stop anything happening at night, or at least warn me of an impending erection. Hopefully the underwear will keep things at bay. But the discomfort post-surgery is something I am totally unprepared for.

My wife was absolutely thrilled when I told her what I had in mind. We had a long chat and her preference is certainly pro-circumcision. I suppose I knew that all along when she asked that our son be circumcised at birth. It's just that I didn't have the courage to ask her if she would prefer it if I was done.

At the moment I am finding it tough going, but as each day passes I am sure it will get a little easier. If you have any advice I would certainly appreciate it. I hope this is not all too trivial for you. I have enjoyed our communications. I have achieved my objective that I have wanted all these years with your help and encouragement. I just wish the surgeon had better informed me of what to expect post-surgery. Once again my sincere thanks."

Message 5:

"I think I owe you an apology. On Friday I was feeling somewhat sad and sorry for myself, as well as very sore and I suppose my email somewhat reflected my mood at the time. However, I have just had a check-up and everything is fantastic. Everything is going according to plan. So thanks once again. Talk to you soon."

Message 6:

"Just thought I would drop you a line to let you know how I am going. The stitches have fallen out, not without some encouragement on my behalf, but not before their time. The swelling is much better and basically all looks pretty good. But there is obviously still some healing to go. I have been applying some Vitamin E cream to the wound and that has helped enormously in the last couple of days.

My next hurdle will be to see if it works I suppose. I am very nervous about becoming aroused, but I am what you might say EXTREMELY curious, well more to the point, "randy", if you don't mind be being so crude. I am looking forward to the first experience. I also don't know what I am going to say at my mates at swimming squad class either as we invariably all shower after our swim. If someone notices I no doubt will have some explaining to do. Suppose I didn't think of that when I decided to do this.

Well I just thought you may have been interested to hear from me. I am curious in many respects to know if the scar will diminish and I will look normal, but for that I suppose I will have to wait and see. Once again many thanks, hope to hear from you soon. Maybe as time goes by I will be able to contribute to your list of testimonials and I won't have wasted all your time so needlessly."

Message 7:

"I don't think I will be making any announcements or drawing attention to myself in any way at all, but I certainly wont be cowering in the corner like I have been all my life, just too embarrassed to stand there in all my glory because I felt my penis looked so bloody ugly. Well after boarding school days and all that mocking I just don't have any self esteem when I shower at the gym.

Bloody hell, I started this email feeling how do I face the guys in the shower, but as I type this message to you my mind wanders to how great I feel about myself and my new "… (well let's call it my remodelling job). It looks fantastic. It looks so NORMAL. Funny how a small op. can make your self esteem soar. I just can't believe I was so bloody stupid to have waited this long. You know, with all these silly messages I have been wasting your time with, I have been rationalizing this whole situation and basically coming to terms with all this. I look at myself now and feel great. I know the guys will probably notice. Besides I think 1 or 2 of the guys are gay of the 6 of us who swim together.

Maybe if anyone asks, I can say it wasn't the unkindest cut of all but just a small snip. Well they don't need to know everything, besides it hurt like hell. I have a sneaking suspicion you knew circumcisions hurt A LOT but you were not really wanting to share that piece of information with me for fear that I might be deterred from proceeding. Well don't worry I would do it all over again to have what I have now. So until we chat again, bye for now and thanks for the communications. PS: still haven't had intercourse yet. Am very nervous about that. Hopefully its OK by now to leap into it."

Message 8:

"You may be interested in this story, but it just goes to show life is full of surprises. As you know I swim in a club for fitness. When I finally plucked up the courage to return to swimming I had to face the guys afterwards in the showers.

It was my bad luck on my first night back when all 8 of us retired to the showers at the same time. I stood there showering away still with my speedos on and all the other guys chatting away naked when I thought well its now or never.

I couldn't believe everyone would want to retire to the showers at the same time and then want to chat on in the showers. Unfortunately the showers are all open with 4 down either side. I turned around faced the wall to hang my speedos on the tap and then turned back to face everyone.

As you can imagine someone finally noticed my new appearance and it just happened to be our resident doctor in the club who happens to be gay. "So that's why you've been away these weeks" was all he had to say before all eyes were upon me. "… And then one bloke said believe it or not "CONGRATULIONS" and "well done, looks great, better than the bloody ugly thing between your legs [name of gay doctor deleted]".

[Name deleted] is our gay doctor who isn't circ'd. I couldn't believe there attitude. There were the obvious questions you might expect, but nothing too probing or personal. Of the 8 of us there is only one other guy who is not circ'd besides our doctor. But the funny thing was this guy approached me after as I walked to the car park. He had the usual questions, as you would expect. But then he came out with more leading and probing questions. Finally, he wanted to know who was my surgeon. Then he came out with it.

He has wanted to be circumcised for a long time (as long as I have) and after seeing my result he is going to approach my surgeon. We stood and talked for maybe an hour about it and had a really good laugh. Sorry, but only we blokes who have converted or are about to convert would understand the humour. You blokes done at birth just wouldn't understand. Just joking! Last weekend was our first experiences of intercourse post-operatively. Now as for sex; well let's just say I feel like a teenager all over again.

I always felt sexual intercourse was a bit of a let down when I lost my virginity, because it felt no different to when I masturbated. I suppose what I am saying is that the foreskin just seemed to slide back and forth over the glans during intercourse, and that was the same experience that I had when I masturbated.

I always remember thinking when I first had intercourse that it just wasn't any great revelation. But OOHHH! how different things are without a foreskin to get in the way. I cant believe how good it is now. Last weekend I just couldn't believe intercourse could be so enjoyable. The feeling of the glans in direct stimulation against the vagina and not a foreskin is wonderful.

You have probably heard it all before, but intercourse certainly is better circumcised. Take it from one who knows. This will make you laugh but I rub vitamin E cream into the wound to help it heal. And then we very gently "… well ... let me just say sex is great ... fantastic.. nothing to get in the way.

I have no regrets. I have ABSOLUTELY no regrets. There is nothing I miss about my post-operative state. Which is strange because I really went into this being totally realistic and thinking I may have some regrets. But sex is far more enjoyable. And with summer on the way cleanliness is going to be so much easier, even now for that matter. 2 Well it's late and I am going home. I hope to hear from you soon and thanks for your help and advice."

Message 9:

"We haven't communicated in a while but I thought you may be interested to hear a friend of mine has undergone the procedure as well. We all had a laugh after swimming last night as [name deleted] decided to make an announcement of his new appearance in the shower after swimming.

You may remember Dr.[name deleted] is now the only member of our swimming squad who is not circ'd. There was much laughter as [name deleted] dropped his Speedos in front of Jim. I thought Jim's eyes were going to pop out of his head. Now Jim is convinced we have formulated a conspiracy to discredit him and his anti-circumcision stance. Well there were a lot of laughs in the showers last night.

So it's certainly been a happy ending. As for me, I have to say I am a bit nervous about the scarring and I am hopeful that it will all fade away soon. I would be interested to hear how your colleague has got on after the 12 months or so it has been for him. But as for the rest, I still have no regrets. Well bye for now."

Man in Sydney wants frenulum removed too "My name is [deleted] and I read with interest you article on circumcision. It is interesting the points you make in it and I tend to agree with them. I myself was circumcised at 25 (I am now 31) after years of frustration caused by the foreskin and the inability to keep it 100% clean, especially since I spend a lot of time outdoors and I like hot weather.

The circumcision has put an end to these hygiene issues. I would also say, contrary to what some might claim, circumcision has improved, or enhanced, feelings in this area during sexual relations. If my wife and I are ever to have a boy, we both agree that he will be circumcised.

What I am writing for is to ask if you know of any doctors who are "skilled" (if that is the right word for it) in circumcision in the Sydney area. I ask, as the doctor who performed my procedure was, how should I say, a little sloppy. Though he had performed an adequate procedure, he left the frenulum intact. Though I know (found out after the fact) this is one of the many ways of performing the procedure, I am finding that the area is prone to becoming very sensitive in an uncomfortable way. Soap can, and often does, aggravate the loose and sensitive skin of the frenulum area. Also (and this relates to the "sloppy" issue) some small little "tufts" of skin remain where he sutured the incision, and though these have no ill effect, they are not exactly "good looking".

I am thinking that I would now like the frenulum removed, as well as the "tufts". If you are able, I would appreciate if you could recommend a doctor or two in the Sydney area that would be able to perform this procedure without the need of a general anesthetic (which I chose over a local one originally), and admission into a "day surgery clinic"."

Asian male "I am a 23 year-old Asian male who has undergone a circumcision procedure due to the narrowing of the prepuce and pain post-intercourse. I would like to ask you couple questions with regard to recovery after the op. (1) How long will the soreness last? I took the analgesic prescribed, Vicodin, for one day to reduce pain, but on the second day (today) there is still soreness and and discomfort even during normal walking.

There is no swelling or infection visible and bleeding has stopped (after 24 hours). (2) When should I try to remove the bandage? I was advised to let it fall out after 4 days. (3) Would the stitches be metabolized by then?"

Pubic hair under foreskin of small penis

"I enjoyed your website. I would like to relate my experience. I have a small penis and have suffered discomfort for many years, as pubic hair would catch under the foreskin. After I retired I decided to consult my doctor about this problem. He performed the surgery and I experienced no pain or discomfort. The healing was complete in about two weeks. I regret not having this surgery years ago. I believe many men would benefit from circumcision but they are reluctant to discuss the matter with a physician. This is tragic as the surgery is so simple. I'm happy I made the decision to have it done."

US man from India " zipper bleed leads to circ "Your article on circumcision is the first I am reading on this topic and I am amazed by the details you have provided. I started searching the Net for this topic because me, Vijay Gopal, male and 26 years of age underwent this surgery a couple of days back, but I am otherwise a very healthy person.

In my case I had a freak injury at the tip of my penis and started bleeding one day. Could have been because of the zipper in my trouser. I went to an emergency room. There just to stop the bleeding they put in 3 sutures and the blood flow stopped. They asked me to follow up with a urologist.

When I met the urologist he explained to me the way the stitch was made and therefore the foreskin would not slide back to make way for the penis to come out. He said even though he could do something with the suture to correct it, instead he suggested I have a circumcision and explained to me the benefits. I gave him my agreement and got it performed a couple of days back.

I am fine now with a little bit of swelling around the genitals, and according to the doctor I should be alright in a couple of weeks. One major reason why I did agree was that I was told that I might be able to perform sex better. I also have an erection problem, I believe.

The first time around I cum very fast and do not become hard and last long enough during the second, even though the second time around is much better. Now after circumcision, if you can suggest to me some ways and/or medicines that would help hold my erection longer I would be really be grateful to you and you would have given me a new lease on life."

German man says tighter the better

"I was cut "half" at 19 due to an injury. I found the status very unpleasant over the years, because there was still a lot of foreskin left which bothered me during sex or "jerking-off". I always tried to keep the skin retracted, but it didn't work out.

Since my mid 20s I fantasized about getting my circumcision tightened up and looked for a doctor who would be able to produce the best results, which is very difficult in this country, because circumcisions are very unpopular.

Even local physicians rather recommend not to be circumcised, because of the "bad image" cut men have and all the negative "side-effects" of a cut penis (less joy, etc.) ... Finally, I found a physician of oriental descent to tighten my circumcision to its actual very tight status. I'm very, very happy with the result and would like to recommend an "as-tight-as-possible" circumcision to everybody. It's much, much more fun, pleasurable and gives the most intense orgasms."

German man gets circumcised for his Moslem wife

(This is part of a long story not sent to the author, but rather seen on the Circlist website, in which an uncircumcised German man in a relationship with a Moslem woman knows that she and her family will "require" him to be circumcised, so he submits to a traditional Moslem ceremony in which the operation is performed, without anesthetic, before the family.) ".... When we arrived, the circumciser welcomed me and I was guided into a small room, advised to undress to my underpants and take a place on a couch.

After a short examination of the part of interest and cleaning with something like alcohol he called the assisting family members who fixed my body and thighs to the couch. Then the big door to another room was opened where the family was waiting. He stretched the foreskin forwards and fixed a clamp. He spoke some words to me and to the family and in this moment I was hit by a sharp short pain and a noisy applause of the family.

The pain felt immediately was relieved by the cooling spray he used. He removed the frenulum with a free hand cut and then he fixed the parts of the skin and applied a bandage. Afterwards I was very happy that it was over. The cut was really not a big deal, and finally my prestige in the family after that was increased. It was not painless, but it was much less painful than I had feared beforehand. Half an hour after the procedure, I was sitting with the family at the table celebrating the event.

According to my own experience I really found that the circumcision is not as painful as always described. My opinion is that most of the circumcision pain is more psychologically generated than physically. That's now more than ten years ago.

Without a foreskin I feel much better than with it before. I don't believe that there is a negative effect on sexual sensitivity. When circumcised men have sexual problems they are looking for reasons and find a simple reason in their missing prepuce. That's too simple and is psychological. I recommend circumcision as a result of my own experience."

Indian Hindu man gets himself circumcised

"Hello there. I am writing from New Delhi, India. I have gone through your, and several other Internet sites about circumcision, and would like to present my case to you for your advice.

I am a 23 year old healthy Hindu male. Hindu males, culturally, are not supposed to get circumcised, but I got myself circumcised 4 days ago, and am presently recuperating, waiting for my stitches to dissolve themselves. I had this problem, that while with some effort, I could pull back the foreskin of my non-erect penis to expose the whole of the glans, this could not be achieved during an erection.

In fact, while I used to have an erection, the foreskin used to more or less completely cover the glans, and I was only able to pull it back to expose the upper 1/2 cm of the length of the glans without any accompanying pain or effort. With effort, accompanied by a considerable amount of pain, I could expose the upper 2/3rd of the glans, but never more than that. And when the upper 2/3rd of the glans used to be exposed, I felt as if a tight band had my glans in a vice-like grip, and I could feel my frenulum tugging tightly the tip of my glans. From books, magazines, movies and pictures, I have learnt that the foreskin is supposed to "glide" smoothly and effortlessly backward to expose the glans completely.

In magazines and newspapers, where readers with similar problems had written in, qualified doctors had outright advised circumcision, which they had said was a minor surgical procedure, done under local anesthesia.

These doctors had further stated that inability to retract the foreskin is a not an uncommon problem in India, but people rarely come forward because of shyness, and had actually strongly recommended going in for it, as according to them, it would also result in better penile hygiene. Another thing that I used to be afflicted with was that my urine used to flow out in a very "dull" stream. And not seldom, I used to have to wait for some time, sometimes as much as 45 seconds to 1 minute before it used to start flowing out. I must add here that I have never been afflicted by penile infection. I have gone to several Internet sites on circumcision since my operation, and have observed the following:

1. As a substitute for circumcision, the following can be carried out:
A) Local application of steroids.
B) "Expanding" the foreskin under local anesthesia.

But my doctor did not recommend any of these. He went straightaway to circumcision (my doctor is a General Surgeon who has got two FRCS [Fellow of Royal College of Surgeons] degrees, one from England and one from Edinburgh, so, as you will also agree, he is qualified enough).

2. As far as better penile hygiene and susceptibility to penile and cervical cancer is concerned, some sites say that there exists no conclusive and scientific evidence to vindicate these claims, while others say just to the contrary (like yours).

3. Circumcision leads to decreased penile sexual sensitivity, as the surface of the glans constantly rubs against fabric, and is thus continually exposed to friction., as a result of which it's surface becomes callused and keratinized. Here I might add that my glans has always been extremely sensitive to touch. Even if I touch it with a piece of cotton, it pains, and touching my glans with my finger is completely out of the question. This had caused me to have a lot of apprehensions that sex for me might be painful instead of being pleasurable. Now that I have just been circumcised, these days it is extremely painful for me when the glans touches fabric.

Question 1: Did I exhibit indications enough (inability to retract the foreskin in the erect penis and a "slow" and "dull" urine flow) to go in for circumcision? This question actually comes very late, as I have already been circumcised, and am presently recuperating, waiting for the stitches to dissolve themselves. But was circumcision the right step for me?

Question 2: Are all glans "so extremely" sensitive, or is mine extra-sensitive? Will my penis, now it being exposed to friction from fabric, cease being so painfully sensitive and be more towards "normal"?

Question 3: Moreover, will sex be a pleasurable experience for me now, or because of calluses, it will be a "not-so-pleasurable" experience for me?

Question 4: In your site, while you have said a lot about the benefits of circumcision accruing if it is performed during infancy or at a very young age, but it remains more or less ambiguous if it is done, for example, at my age. Will I get any benefits of better penile hygiene and lower chances of penile and cervical cancer?
I would be very thankful if you could take out some time and answer these queries of mine and clear my doubts."

Florida wet heat and fungal infections

"I didn't expect a response but yes, you may use this account for your planned website. I have mixed emotions on this subject. I was adopted and no one had signed for circumcision when I was born so I grew up with foreskin intact. In Junior/Senior High gym I suffered though. Classmates would crowd around to look at my penis, as I was the only one who had not been circumcised. This taunting caused a (suppressed) desire to be like the other boys. At the time I didn't realize the advantages of an intact foreskin.

After fifteen years of marriage my wife and I were foregoing sexual relations for fifty percent of the year as one of us was getting over some kind of fungal infection. We were seemingly passing this back and forth through sexual activity. It wasn't a question of hygiene but continual damp and heat in Florida.

1. After consulting my doctor and a urologist we decided to undergo the procedure. Thank God for her support. For an adult male with a mature penis this is not something to look forward to. The procedure went smoothly and only generated moderate pain for four or five days. After healing, the urologist recommended no underwear for six weeks to promote dryness. As the glans dried up and toughened we resumed normal sexual relations with no apparent difficulties or return of the infections.

2. Since my "suppressed" desire had been fulfilled I felt pretty sexy with my "normal" penis and the sex was great for several years.

Slowly over time though it was harder and harder to maintain an erection. Again I sought help from a urologist, which eventually led to injections of prostaglandin directly into my penis to generate erections sufficient for penetration. Whether this erectile dysfunction was caused or aggravated by circumcision or not I have no way of telling. I am over fifty, overweight and circumcised. Which one did me in I can't even guess.

Now you have the rest of the story. I now recommend not having children circumcised as the chance exists of erectile difficulties later in life. I am very liberal and discussing this is not difficult, so if there is any other information you would like in your research let me know." [This man was told to see his doctor about diabetes or another medical condition that might explain erectile dysfunction with advancing years.]

"New Zealand man lists benefits to him "I have today read your article re circumcision and found myself agreeing with its contents. I was born in NZ in the early seventies and was not circumcised, as my English father (who is intact) did not believe in it. My cousins, grandfather, uncles etc were, without exception, all circumcised. I developed a slight phobia re this situation and always kept my foreskin retracted in public.

At the age of 21, having moved to London, I was circumcised under local anaesthetic. Unfortunately, too much foreskin was left and a subsequent tidy up op was necessary to achieve complete circumcision. I have found the benefits to my new "status" many and varied and would summarise them as follows: Guaranteed hygiene and the almost complete absence of any need for washing one's penis as I had to previously.

The unanimous approval of all woman, for reasons of hygiene, appearance and (in the UK) novelty value. Increased sexual pleasure, particularly during fellatio. The absence of foreskin movement and complete exposure of the glans really heightens feeling during this act. Similarly, during sexual intercourse, the tightness of the skin on the penile shaft makes for increased and more enjoyable sensations. Not getting pubic hairs trapped in the end of your foreskin, painful indeed, believe me!!

Appearance, I find my penis far more attractive in its cut state.

In summary, I sincerely wish I had been circumcised at birth. Scarring is unfortunately inevitable in adult circumcision and I have some of this. Any future son of mine will have an immediate "snip" (with pain relief) and will be able to enjoy the pleasure I have had over the past six years. Thanks again for your reasoned article. Having read the dross from some of the American websites (NOCIRC, etc), it was a pleasant change to read some common sense."

Canadian man tells his story and research that dispels lies of the anti-circs "First off, I would like to thank you for presenting your valuable perspective on the benefits of male circumcision. I am a graduate student in the social sciences at a Canadian University and have something of a personal interest in this issue.

A urologist circumcised me at age 17 due to problems of re-occurring penile infections (balanitis). Although, I probably could have chosen a more conservative treatment option to prevent ongoing penile problems I opted for circumcision and have never regretted that decision. In fact, I would have preferred being circumcised in infancy. However, my parents were convinced otherwise by an ob/gyn shortly before I was born.

My reason for writing you is to voice my perspective on circumcision in late adolescence. Despite the vigorous efforts of anti-circumcision groups in the media and on the internet to convince circumcised males that they have somehow been sexually and psychologically "damaged" by this simple procedure I can state unequivocally that I have never felt marred sexually or otherwise by my circumcision.

Recently, I became aware of the pervasive mis-/dis-information (or, more correctly, propaganda campaigns) of anti-circumcision groups by reading an article in a widely circulated Canadian newspaper. It was essentially a testimonial written by a circumcised man who was seeking foreskin restoration through a series of bizarre techniques using weights and masking tape. The impetus for this restoration was that he became convinced by anti-circumcision groups that he had been "sexually mutilated" as a child. I was completely horrified by this story!

Knowing something about the psychosexual effects of a later circumcision I was stunned that he was going to such ridiculous lengths (excuse the pun) to restore his "lost maleness". (As I have stated, I have felt no change in sensitivity at all in my penis after being circumcised. In fact, I believe sexual pleasure has even increased somewhat without the presence of a foreskin. Perhaps this cannot be explained physiologically, but I know psychologically that I am very happy with the look and feel of my circumcised member.) What disturbed me most about the story was that this article was presented as a "health" report in a fairly reputable newspaper.

This article, in sum, was a lengthy anecdote (unsupported by any valid scientific evidence) written to convince prospective parents that circumcision is barbaric, has no health benefits, and, is ultimately damaging to their male children. I was shocked that such a one-sided and misleading article could be published in a mainstream newspaper! Shortly after reading this article I began to develop a private interest in the way in which male circumcision is reported in popular culture.

My findings so far have been quite disappointing. As you are probably aware, there is scant information on the medical benefits of circumcision (not to mention any positive reporting on the social, cultural or religious aspects of this ancient procedure) in the media. In contrast to the anti-circumcision bias in the North American press, there is a wealth of information supporting the benefits of circumcision in the medical literature. I know this because my university has a large medical library and I have been able to review much of the literature indexed in Index Medicus/Medline.

Although the lay press reports negatively on circumcision, the most misleading venue for finding information about circumcision is the Internet. For instance, only yesterday I was searching the web and curiously pressed a "men's health" link on the Web browser Excite. This produced a link to information on "circumcision". I was under the impression that I would find some well reasoned articles or pages showing the benefits and the risks of circumcision. Instead, this link opened an index of circumcision web sites that were anything but objective.

Most were pages that portended to speak about health issues relating to circumcision, but instead were pages that echoed many of the arguments against circumcision made in the article that I read several months earlier. I was extremely disturbed by the first page I entered: an enraged 20-year-old who claims that his life has been destroyed by this procedure authored it! It is a tragedy that at the age of 20 this young man has been convinced by groups like NOHARM and NOCIRC that he is psychologically and sexually ruined!

He also recommends that circumcised men should purchase a book on foreskin restoration written by a Dr.J. Bigelow called "The Joy of Uncircumcising". What he fails to tell web browsers who enter his page is that Dr Bigelow is not a medical doctor, an impression that he leaves his readers with,but a long-time anti-circumcision activist who, incidentally, holds a doctorate in religious studies (and not in the health sciences).

This type of misrepresentation of credentials is not uncommon among anti-circumcision groups in order to lend credence to their claims. Dr. Edgar Schoen, the chair of the 1989 AAP Task Force, wrote an article in the Journal Urology (Vol. 40, No. 2) outlining some of these misrepresentations.

The other pages, save one, all carried the same message: if you"re circumcised your "goods" are damaged and the only remedy to obtain psychosexual bliss is to restore a piece of skin that is roughly the size of a quarter!

One mother, a member of Mothers Against Circumcision, went so far as to convince an inquisitive mother at a health forum that her child's rebellious teenage behaviour was directly linked to the "violence" of his circumcision in infancy! Others make spurious claims disguised as "facts" that everything from SIDS, to homosexuality, to pornography, and rape can all be traced to the "violence" of infant circumcision!

Although most well-reasoned adults would be deeply suspicious of this information and would dismiss it out of hand, my concern is that young children and other adults are not able to judge the accuracy of this information and could be seriously harmed psychologically by the outrageous claims made by these groups. They are less apt to ask serious questions about the anti-circumcision information found on the web. Questions such as: what objective evidence exists to support your outrageous claims?

I am sure that you are all too familiar with the tactics used by anti-circumcision groups, but speaking as a male circumcised later in life I am shocked by the inaccuracy of their claims.

In closing I would like to thank you for your continued work in documenting the medical benefits of circumcision. Your work on the internet provides much light among the many heated discussions on this controversial issue."

Man amused by so much emotional energy on "this" topic

"Thanks for you excellent research posting and bibliography on this topic. It never ceases to amaze me how much emotional energy is attached to this topic. I have experienced half my life with a foreskin and half without so my perspective has been one of amusement when reading many of the postings on this topic.

From my perspective there are truths on both sides of this discussion and I think it would be next to impossible for someone without experience, be it professional or personal, to sort through the volumes of data and opinions (mostly the latter) and come to any meaningful conclusion.
Would like to correspond with you on this topic if you'd be interested."

Loose circumcision
Message 2:

"Thanks a lot for the info although I'm not sure how I can use it. Maybe I should tell you what I'm trying to do. I had a loose circumcision done back in 1997 (my doctor and I discussed having a tight circumcision but he still performed a loose one, and now refuses to redo it since he said he did the medical part of it and that's what insurance covers NOT the cosmetic part).

I hate the way that it looks. I want it redone to be tighter but my insurance will not cover the charges unless medically needed. The reason I ask you the disadvantages of having a loose circumcision is that I can go to my doctor and tell him this and that happens because I have a loose circumcision so that they will make it tighter. But I don't know what to say, can you please help me think of something that will make them believe that I have problems with a loose circumcision? I really want it tighter, too much skin goes over the corona. I might as well not be circumcised. I will greatly appreciate if you can help me in this matter."

Message 3:

"Believe me, I've argued with that man to redo it but he refuses. That is why I am going to file a small claim on him for $5000. Our argument goes over and over, "insurance pays for the medical part of the surgery and the cosmetic part is secondary."I have a new doctor now, I will go ahead and show him the websites.

Do you have any other ideas I can say about my loose circumcision for them to consider this? You've been very very very helpful ... thanks. If you asked a tradesman to do a job a certain way and he did it a way that was not satisfactory you'd ask for it to be redone to your satisfaction wouldn't you?"

Message 4:

"Very interesting article [you sent], but it really does focus on the uncircumcised men (compared to the circumcised). I'm afraid if I were to bring this topic up, the doctors will say that I am circumcised.

The loose circumcision skin covers only about 1/4 of the glans. There is one section in the article that explains that being circumcised still has risks in acquiring HIV, but it doesn't really explain anything about loose or tight circumcision, how much more effective it is. Do note that I understand the concepts of Langerhan cells and keratin, but I just don't think that this will help me, again, because I'm already circumcised. Please help me come up with a valid excuse to tell my doctor. 

I really want a tighter circumcision, but unless my insurance pays for it, I cannot do it!" Six months later man glad to be rid of smelly foreskin "It's been six months since my circumcision. I found the resources of circlist invaluable. At the tender age of 45, I only wish I had had the procedure done as an infant. I had always wanted to be cut, and was envious of my few friends in England who were.

Cut cock always seemed much neater and cleaner. I had excessive foreskin; never liked the look or the feel of it. Once I moved to the "States I became the distinct minority, but lived with my foreskin. Balanitis, and no cure for same in sight, were the final straw and moved it from an elective to a clinical decision.

Sex is definitely much better. Different sensation, yes, but a more enveloped feeling, rather than one of sloshing around in a foreskin. Much more intense.

Were I to have boys they would be circ'd at birth, the only regret with my own procedure is that it wasn't a bit tighter. But I can work on that. Any suggestions?

If you feel like responding, please do so.

Keep up the good work in getting the word out to the uninformed, that circ is way to go. I pity all those who spend time whining about their loss of identity and "manliness; all they lost was smelly skin, that could itch like hell!!"

Glad to have had it done

"I read a good bit of your article on circumcision and I would heartily agree with you. I was not circumcized as an infant. I had it done when 25 as a matter of choice. I had the prepuce and the smegma and the problems that go with them.

I am so glad to have had it done. I would strongly encourage any man I come into contact with, who might ask or question me about it, to have it done also. It feels better, it works better, and it looks better, as far as I am concerned. And in this age of many sexually transmitted diseases, I think it is much safer and easier to keep clean and avoid the obvious danger of having a place to incubate some unwanted disease."

Message 2:

"You may use any part of my letter to you that you wish, with my blessings. I hope it will help many who are wondering whether to circumcize their boy or not. I only wish my parents had been helped and led to do it before I reached adulthood. I can't change that, but I would like to assure others that it is worth it.

Having been through circumcision as an adult, I can assure them also that the small amount of pain I endured was nothing to the satisfaction and pleasure I get from having had it done. I would never seek to undo what has been done."

Circumcised twice: Canadian man's experiences debunk myths of anti-circ protagonists

Thank you for your very fine website on circumcision. Your balance and sanity, not to mention your erudition, are a breath of fresh air.

Among its more pernicious effects, the vociferous anti-circumcision propaganda of the last twenty years (especially in its claims that circumcision diminishes male sexual pleasure and even function), has inspired in many men a resentment -- as bitter as it is unnecessary -- of the circumcision they received as infants or children. I know several such men, and I have referred them to you site (among others). It has provided them with much needed assurance, both of the harmlessness and the benefits of the procedure.

What follows is my personal testimony, which I hope you will include on your site, should you think it of use to your readers. I was circumcised twice, once in infancy and once in adulthood -- a peculiar circumstance, but not, according to my urologist, unique. I have written my testimony in a frank, direct style, which I assume will be more helpful to your readers than one more reticent and oblique.

I was born in Canada in the early 1960s. I was circumcised at birth, but minimally. Before puberty my redundant skin covered about half my glans. At puberty I began keeping it retracted behind the corona. My excess skin tended to remain retracted, so I appeared more or less fully circumcised. However, whenever sitting, the skin would fall forward, covering my glans completely. I masturbated by pushing the loose skin back and forth over my glans, which, even erect, I could cover completely. I never used a lubricant until introduced to the practice in my late twenties.

During my teens and twenties my semi-circumcised state didn't bother me, except in one particular. I produced a lot of smegma, so that my penis was always moist, sticky, and rather unpleasantly fragrant. It is a myth that washing once a day eradicates the smegma problem. It didn't matter how often I washed my penis: within half an hour my corona and the inner lining of my foreskin was slick and odorous. This bothered me a lot, but I didn't think there was anything I could do about it. After all, I was circumcised wasn't I? If that hadn't taken care of the problem, what would?

When I got into my thirties my excess skin would no longer stay retracted. As soon as I was dressed in the morning, the skin would fall forward and cover most, if not all of my glans. To make matters worse, the opening of the foreskin remnant tended to contract, producing a distinct squeezing sensation on the end of my penis. It drove me crazy! Of course, I retracted the skin to uncover the head, but within a few minutes, it had fallen forward again.

I joined an Internet circumcision discussion group (Circlist) and discovered that it was possible to "revise" and earlier circumcision. I thought a great deal about getting this done and considered what the best type of circumcision would be.

I decided that the best style would be to preserve as much of the erotically-sensitive inner lining of the foreskin as possible, and have as much of the shaft skin removed as practical, leaving a rather tight result, with the inner foreskin pulled back along the shaft, and with no bunching/folding of skin against the glans (and therefore no accumulation of smegma). Also I wanted my frenulum removed. During intercourse I felt an evulsion, or a pulling on the frenulum, which was very inhibiting. Also it tended to get red and raw with too much friction.

Finally I went to my family doc and explained my situation. He was very supportive. He took a look at my penis and immediately referred me to a urologist.
At my appointment with the urologist, I spelled out exactly what kind of circumcision I wanted and he agreed to do it as I requested.

This doc usually used the bell ("Gomco") clamp for circumcising adults, but in my case he decided to do it free-hand. This was because the bell clamp would remove equal amounts of inner and outer foreskin, but I wanted an "asymmetrical" circumcision, with far more shaft skin removed than inner foreskin.

The surgery took half an hour: 15 minutes for the actual circumcision, and 15 minutes for suturing (28 stitches).

I experienced no pain whatever afterward. I stayed home the day after the surgery, just to be on the safe side, and went to work the day following.

The only problem, or potential problem, during the initial healing period was nocturnal erections, which might exert a lot of pressure on the incision and sutures. I dealt with this problem in the following way: I peed right before going to bed. I set my alarm clock for 5:30 am, when I woke up and peed a second time. I slept on my side in a fetal position so that, if I did get an erection, the skin of my penile shaft would not be pulled too tight. This plan worked well. It minimized my erections and also the amount of pressure they put on the incision.

The incision was basically healed in seven or eight days. On day nine I removed what was left (quite a lot) of the dissolving stitches.

The incision remained "crusty" for some weeks. It didn't entirely flatten out for about 6 months.

I masturbated for the first time, rather gently, on day 18 after the circ. When erect, my penile skin was pulled very tight and, in contrast to my pre-recircumcised state, I could not push any skin whatever over my glans. This tightness turned me on incredibly and I gave me spectacular enjoyment.

I have been extremely happy with this revised circ. The penis skin now remains pulled back from my glans. I no longer have any annoying coverage and no accumulation of smegma. It's fantastic. My penis is always comfortable and always dry and free from odour.

So far as masturbation is concerned, you might think that having a very tight shaft skin when erect, and being unable to get any loose skin over my glans, would mean that I would have to depend on lube. In fact, I almost never use lube.

I like to j/o in two basic ways: Either (1) by pressing my fingers to my erect shaft and shifting the tight skin back and forth while brushing my corona with the sides of my fingers; or (2) by lightly and directly stroking my glans and pulled-back inner foreskin. I couldn't do this before the recirc, because my glans and inner foreskin were always too moist and sticky to stroke lightly and directly in this way.

Again, I rarely use lube. It's a total myth that circumcised guys, even tightly circumcised guys, depend on lube to get off when masturbating.

I find that sex has improved since being properly and completely circumcised. For instance, intercourse is much better with a tightly circumcised penis, without the extra skin moving back and forth over the glans. Also I find that, since being tightly circumcised, my orgasms are far more intense.

Finally, I do not miss my frenulum at all. I consider it highly overrated. The removal of my frenulum has occasioned no loss of erotic sensation whatever. And, because I feel none of the pulling I used to experience, and get none of the redness and soreness I used to get, the removal of the frenulum has improved my sex-life considerably.

I love being completely and tightly circumcised. I'd recommend it to anyone.

Aussie doctor wants to promote Aussie circs after having one himself

"I had an adult circ and as a physician spent a long time thinking about it and the whys and wherefores and the profound sexual implications of having it done by one or other method. Meanwhile, I have been contacted by a Brit now living in Sydney who wants to get clipped but he is afraid to end up with a terrible result (something that happens too frequently if the surgeon has been trained according to the standard surgical textbook) and I thought you might know of surgeons who will listen and also operate with good results.

He and I have compared pics and he likes the result I got, so is a little more encouraged to get it done. Can you help ... hope so. Look forward to hearing from you and will do anything to help you guys promote Aussie circs. I am from Adelaide but am now in [city in USA]."

Website very helpful to man of Greek descent in decision to get circ'd

I have never met you, but I would like to take a moment to thank you (and Wikipedia) for your website on circumcision. Having been circumcised 2 weeks ago, at the age of 29, your website was the one single source of useful and positive information around, in a cyberspace filled with of zealous anti-circumcision websites. Given the rather private nature of the issue as well as the fact that I have zero pain tolerance and a rather intense personality, reading about other adult guys' experiences made me realize that I was definitely not alone in my experience or concern.

Again, thanks for your great work.
Best regards and happy Holidays.
(if you wish to use this note, please delete my name)

Foreskin inflammation agony

I am a 30-year old male who underwent circumcision last month (May 2013). The chief reason I got circumcised was because I was diagnosed with BXO - Balanitis xerotica obliterans (now termed lichen sclerosis). I had never heard of this condition and certainly was not aware of the painful results.

It began in February with itchiness on the glans penis. This quickly moved onto welts appearing on the foreskin. The foreskin soon cracked in three places. This was agonizing. Sexual activity, urination and showering became extremely painful due to this condition. After the cracks began to weep on the foreskin, I decided that enough was enough.

I went to my GP and was cleared of STD'S. However, the unpleasant condition continued, and I was referred to a dermatologist who diagnosed BXO and recommended circumcision. I mentioned this to my parents who said they regretted not having me circumcised in infancy. They said that they were advised against it by the medical profession at the time.

Unfortunately for me the BXO became involved with the glans penis. This can affect the urethra and can lead onto kidney damage.

Coupled with these dangers was the financial burden of the surgery. Luckily, I am a working person. However, I am not on the best of wages. I parted with approx. $3,000 as I did not have private health insurance. Fortunately, my urethra was not damaged by this debilitating disease. However, I am left with markings of BXO on the glans penis (I was told these will not go away) and will require monitoring for penile cancer. BXO is thought to be a possible precursor to penile cancer.

I found the medical staff to be very supportive in preparing me for the circumcision and had a quick recovery with no pain at all. I am still in the healing stages. I am very pleased with the cosmetic results. I would urge any male who is struggling with similar penile problems to strongly consider circumcision. I was shy showing my penis to different doctors. In the end though I felt like I had made an achievement as I was taking action in what was a very lonely experience. Be advised that his is a lonely journey and that you need to have confidence in your beliefs. I asked my GP on my first visit about getting circumcised. The answer was “Why do you want to be circumcised?” I believe the GP did not want to encourage the idea.

To wrap up this testimony I would like to share my beliefs about circumcision. Firstly, I do not believe that I have been robbed of any body part. On the contrary i have been excised of a foreskin that was cracked and sore. Apart from the three cracks on the foreskin I had literally dozens of much smaller ones that were yet to erupt into sores. I would recommend any adult male who finds themselves in this situation to get circumcised. If I had been circumcised in infancy, I would not be facing the expense of surgery later in life. I have been robbed of the best possible cosmetic appearance of the glans penis due to missing out on circumcision in infancy.

If I was circumcised as a baby I would not have to worry about any of this now. Instead I have a glans that is slightly marked, and I need to be monitored by a dermatologist. This is what I regret. I can only go forward though and be glad that I am now circumcised. I know I will be advising people about my experience and I hope this testimony was educational, helpful and informative.

On a final note please consider this. Penile inflammation affects the majority of males with foreskins. I was told by experts that it does not matter how clean or unclean you keep your foreskin. BXO strikes (at any age) regardless as it is an autoimmune condition. This seals the case for circumcision in my mind.

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